August is finally here! The smell of the gridiron is overpowering and the sport of football has finally returned. At a sunny 90 degrees, the Miami Edison Red Raiders carried out a successful workout and attempted to have an equally successful practice on the field. However, unfortunately for south Floridian teams, the arrival of August also means the unpredictability of weather. The Red raiders were forced to swallow a short practice as a Thunderstorm warning was sent out.

Before the practice came to an end, I got a chance to address one of Edison’s main offseason stories– the four man quarterback battle.

Junior Franklin Labady, freshman John Tejada, junior Joshua Basden, and sophomore Aaron Ortiz have all come together this off-season to compete for the starting quarterback position. From what the outside eye could see, each candidate appears to be on an equal scale as of now, but the season is quickly approaching.


Head coach Trevor Harris is excited about the newfound competition amidst his team. He realizes the four competing for the position as individual athletes. He pointed out they are all “athletic enough to help us out in different areas”, and that they will all be returning for future seasons.

“I’m looking for the man that will carry out the assignment we’re asking. Someone that can be flexible in the game, and keep up with an up-tempo pace in the offense we’re trying to run. A quarterback that realizes this is a four quarter game. He needs short memory and he needs to be a playmaker.” Coach Harris said.

The off-season is drawing to an end, and the Red Raiders are nearing their decision on who will lead their team into the season. Here’s a sneak preview of the possible starters:


Franklin Labady C/O 2014

“Everyday you have to come to practice and work hard. No days off. It’s all a physical competition. I’m going to show the players I’m fearless, take no plays off. We’re all one family and i have my brothers back.”



John Tejada C/O 2016

“Work hard and be a leader. Be the first one in the locker room and the last one out. Lead your team, be dedicated. Show the coaches how much you want it. I’m going to be at the top of my game and go hard every play to the fullest.”



Joshua Basden C/o 2014

“Come to work when it’s not time to come to work. I’m going to beat Booker T and take my team to the state championship.”




Aaron Ortiz

“I’m here everyday. Outdo your expectations everyday. Work on and off the field, Know the offense. You have to outperform everybody. I’m going to give my team a chance to go to states.”