Our new student intern Nash Williams recently talked to Torian Bean, Director of Football Operations for Booker T. Washington in Miami. Here is the interview in regards about the upcoming season and Tornadoes football at Booker T. Washington.

I’m sure all of you that follow High School Fotball in the state of Florida have heard the name Booker T. Washington. They won a state title in 2007 and have been dominant since then. After a huge off-season off 7-on-7’s and camps the Tornadoes are ready to get back down to business. Ranked #11 in the country by USA Today, the Tornadoes know there are huge expectations. Recently I caught up with Booker T. Washington Head of Football Operations and Wide-Reciever coach Torian Bean.

Nash Williams: “Alright, Who do you think is your toughest opponent of the year?”
Coach Bean: “We view every opponent a formidable foe. By far though I would say Miami Central. A team that comes in well coached, stacked with talent, starting ranked #1 by USA Today with arguably the toughest schedule on paper. Got to respect a team like that.”


NW: “Yeah they’re very tough. Do you think that game will mean more rather than say a district game?”
CB: “In the hunt for a National Championship every game is equally important.”

NW: “Obviously you guys are nationally ranked. Has that huge 7-on-7 schedule made you guys a better team?”
CB: “Yes, anytime you can place your team in a competitive environment to compete at a high level is important and invaluable. It’s also a plus for us because we sharpen our offensive execution. Those are invaluable reps that can’t be duplicated anywhere else. That’s what we do.”

NW: “Obviously everyone know about Matthew Thomas, Treon Harris, and Denver Kirkland. Who might be a breakout player this year.”
CB: “Players to have a breakout season, Lamar Parker (WR), Nicholas Norris (WR), D’Von Ballard (RB), Nigel Patten (CB), Michael Johnson (CB), Tevin Evans (DE), Dimitrius Gibson (DE), and Chad Thomas(DL).”

NW: “Yeah all great players! Okay do you think this is the most talented team in Booker T. Washington history?”
CB: “Ah! (laughs) I’m a bit biased to our 2007 State Championship team but yes arguably from top to bottom this team has the potential to be that.”

NW: “I knew you would like that. What’s the feel on gameday on campus at Booker T. Washington.”
CB: “A typical gameday at Booker T. Washington is focused and filled with the anticipation to go to war! It’s always an attitude of dominating these dudes! Very serious as week in and week out we play for respect. Like our head coach Tim “Ice” Harris says, “This program is serious about what we are trying to do here!”

NW: “That’s a great attitude. What are your realistic expectations for the team this year?”
CB: “Realistically our expectations are dominating one at a time. One practice, one week, one opponent, one game at a time. We put all that together and the overall goal of State Championship and National Title will fall in place. Some schools play football, at Booker T. “WE LIVE IT”.”

Thanks to Coach Torian Bean for taking the time to interview with us.