GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Ten weeks of football is in the books and the FHSAA has updated the playoff point averages for all teams in all classifications for the final time this season leading to Sunday’s bracket reveal.

As such with this latest update, the playoff picture is starting to become much clearer, but there are still areas where things can drastically change based upon this week’s final regular season games.

In Classes 5A-8A, district record was taken into consideration except on certain exceptions which are noted.


For Class 3A, you will find a breakdown of point averages for each team in every region and a projected seeding (including tiebreakers) based upon the guidelines as published by the FHSAA (click here to view), as well as quick thoughts about each region.


Team Record Avg
Florida High 5-3 41.38
St. Joseph 9-0 40.67
Baldwin 8-1 39.44
Fort White 7-2 38.22
Taylor County 5-4 37.00
Pensacola Catholic 5-4 37.00
Episcopal 7-2 34.78
Newberry 1-8 31.00
Providence 2-7 30.78



No. 1 Florida High
No. 2 St. Joseph
No. 3 Baldwin
No. 4 Fort White
No. 5 Taylor County*
No. 6 Pensacola Catholic*

*TIEBREAKER: Taylor County would win the tiebreaker over Pensacola Catholic with more CAT 2 wins (1-0).


BYES: No. 1 Florida High, No. 2 St. Joseph

No. 5 Taylor County at No. 4 Fort White
No. 6 Pensacola Catholic at No. 3 Baldwin

QUICK THOUGHTS: It appears very clear which teams will be in the final bracket Sunday from this region, but there are still a lot of changes that could happen. Baldwin and Fort White traded seeds as well as Taylor County and Pensacola Catholic. Unless some big miracles can happen for Episcopal who could finish 8-2 or 7-3, their chances of being in the final bracket very minuscule at this point.


Team Record Avg
King’s Academy 9-1 39.60
First Academy (Orlando) 8-0 39.50
Father Lopez 7-2 36.00
Cardinal Newman 7-2 35.78
Melbourne Central Catholic 5-4 35.22
Holy Trinity 4-4 34.88
Taylor (Pierson) 3-6 33.11
Trinity Prep 2-7 31.78



No. 1 King’s Academy
No. 2 First Academy (Orlando)
No. 3 Father Lopez
No. 4 Cardinal Newman
No. 5 Melbourne Central Catholic
No. 6 Holy Trinity


BYES: No. 1 King’s Academy, No. 2 First Academy

No. 5 Melbourne Central Catholic at No. 4 Cardinal Newman
No. 6 Holy Trinity at No. 3 Father Lopez

QUICK THOUGHTS: And things have changed this week with this region as King’s Academy moves up to No. 1 after their big win over Benjamin while First Academy slides down to the No. 2 seed. Cardinal Newman and Father Lopez traded seeds as well, while Holy Trinity is now in at the No. 6 seed displacing Taylor. However, things could change here depending on the final results of the games this week.


Team Record Avg
Clearwater Central Catholic 10-0 44.50
Cardinal Mooney 8-1 41.78
Berkeley Prep 6-3 40.67
Tampa Catholic 7-2 40.11
Lakeland Christian 6-3 38.11
St. Petersburg Catholic 5-4 36.33
Calvary Christian (Clearwater) 4-5 36.11
Trinity Catholic 5-5 34.60



No. 1 Clearwater Central Catholic
No. 2 Cardinal Mooney
No. 3 Berkeley Prep
No. 4 Tampa Catholic
No. 5 Lakeland Christian
No. 6 St. Petersburg Catholic


BYES: No. 1 Clearwater Central Catholic, No. 2 Cardinal Mooney

No. 5 Lakeland Christian at No. 4 Tampa Catholic
No. 6 St. Petersburg Catholic at No. 3 Berkeley Prep

QUICK THOUGHTS: Clearwater Central Catholic ran the table on the regular season schedule and with two big wins the past two weeks, it is almost safe to say they will be the No. 1 overall seed on the final bracket on Sunday. The only big change of note is Lakeland Christian moves up to the No. 5 seed while St. Petersburg Catholic moves up to the No. 6 seed with Calvary Christian falling out, but they are still in the hunt for the final seed.


Team Record Avg
Chaminade-Madonna 7-2 42.67
Benjamin 9-1 40.10
American Heritage (Delray) 6-3 39.78
Westminster Christian 8-0 38.75
Palmer Trinity 7-2 37.56
St. Andrew’s 5-4 35.00
Everglades Prep 3-6 34.89
Calvary Christian (Fort Lauderdale) 4-5 34.00
Palm Glades Prep 5-4 33.67
Marathon 4-4 33.50
Westminster Academy 4-3 32.86
Somerset Silver Palms 2-7 29.56
St. John Paul II (Boca Raton) 0-8 29.50



No. 1 Chaminade-Madonna
No. 2 Benjamin
No. 3 American Heritage (Delray)
No. 4 Westminster Christian
No. 5 Palmer Trinity
No. 6 St. Andrew’s


BYES: No. 1 Chaminade-Madonna, No. 2 Benjamin

No. 5 Palmer Trinity at No. 4 Westminster Christian
No. 6 St. Andrew’s at No. 3 American Heritage (Delray)

QUICK THOUGHTS: No major changes here this week and it might be clear which teams from this region will be in the playoffs, but again anything could change especially regarding seeds No. 5 and No. 6 once the final brackets are released on Sunday.