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  1. The number of 3 team districts disgusts me. I don't understand how some teams will start the season with a 67% chance of making the playoffs. If they win a district game, a single one, they guarantee themselves at least at least a tiebreaker. A team from a 3-team district could possibly be 1-9 and make the playoffs. In the mean time, 8-2 Orange City University had to sit out of the playoffs last year. How does this make sense? A simple solution is this: 3-team districts only get 1 guaranteed playoff spot. The extra spot becomes a wild card for the region. Best win-loss record goes, 1st tiebreaker is head to head, 2nd tiebreaker is strength of schedule. In 8A Region 1, they moved Orange City to District 2 due to a travel appeal. Overall, it probably does help travel but it kills competitive balance. 8A-1 had 6 teams and so do did 8A-2, now it is 5 and 7. 8A-4 has 4 teams. That makes a difference of 3 in the region when it easily could have been 2. Also, even though Orange City's travel slightly improves, it moves them away from 2 opponents in their own county to 6 opponents all in a different county. I will never understand why we have so many classifications and why our districts are so small. Make bigger classifications, make super districts and make better playoffs.
  2. Just one more reason for an early signing day. Let kids who want to get it over before the season do that. Plus, then the colleges could say "OK, we have 12 scholarships left after these commits" and really focus on what they want since they already have some wrapped up. That would be much better than throwing out offers you don't mean to keep.
  3. Do we know why the schools are going independent? Has anyone asked this current slate of 10 schools?
  4. The question depends on what do you want from FHSAA football I think. If you want the FHSAA to make a lot of money, you make more classifications so that there are more playoff games. If you want parity based on student population, you need more classifications. If you want the truly best teams to make the playoffs, you need to contract classifications. To be honest, I don't even know what I want. I know that I hate that there can be a 3 team district and they get 2 playoff spots. I pretty much feel the same way about 4 team districts and we were in one a few years ago. Think about the level of unfairness. In a 3 team district, you can be 1-9 and make the playoffs if your one win is a district win. This year we played in a 7 team district. Every game felt critical and we weren't guaranteed the one seed until the 5th of 6 district games. Personally, I found this a way more enjoyable way to go through the season. Also district 8 from 6A has 9 schools but two playoff spots. Seriously! By placement in that district you have a 22% chance of making the playoffs as opposed to a 67% chance in a 3 team district. What can be done? The easiest thing would be to contract down to about 6 classifications. This will expand the enrollment of each classification allowing for easier geographical districts. On twitter the other day, I proposed that each district get a number of playoff berths based off how many teams are in it. 6 classifications would help to avoid 3 and 4 team districts but let's say it is unavoidable due to geography. That district only gets 1 automatic playoff berth and the other berth goes either to the large district that had to compensate by having 7+ teams OR it goes back to the wild card they used to have the in the 90s and early 00s. I know wild card by record is flawed but it is better than sub-.500 teams in the playoffs. The super district idea posed by the FHSAA a few years ago was something I really liked but it was scrapped due to travel concerns I believe. Those were tougher economic times and maybe we should relook at that. Also, for people worried about playoff travel, right now the playoff money is split after the home team pays expenses. What if it was split after the home team pays expenses and the visitor's buses were paid for. Seems like a pretty easy fix.
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