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  1. Ok... So y'all should be legit then but y'all know y'all still gotta go through Central... They got a intrasquad game this week I think imma go check them out and a couple of other teams.. I don't understand about Boyd Anderson they got all them studs but just don't do nothing.. A bunch of undiscipline players.. The coaches are suck too!
  2. Yea I heard.... What school he came from? Y'all should win y'all district easily....
  3. Carol City plays North Miami on Thursday so will see how the QB look like... Can't wait for football!!!!
  4. Central gonna be district champs and cc gonna be runner up... CC hits some transfers from Chaminade that includes the qb.... As of da west till they find them self a qb they ain't winning nothing and some good coaches...
  5. What district they are in now? Or are they independent
  6. Trust they do talk about florida football trust me lol
  7. http://nationalhsfootball.com/forum/index.php?showforum=2
  8. Lol some of those Texas boys and Jersey boys and that one Cali dudes are idiots.. Oh yea you got that one dude in there that think everything evolves around sta.. His name is Los canes.. Dude a trip lmao....
  9. @09mrslick that game it's not officially called the Zoe Bowl.. Amongst the kids and the two hoods we call it the Zoe bowl cause the two schools have a lot of Haitian kids that attend these schools and you know the nick name for Haitians are zoe. Lol are alumni base are good we have a good drawing at certain games. But it ain't like back in the days when mostly all the games would be on swoll and you can say that for a lot if schools down here. Yes I'm gonna be on both sites. I know most of the guys from the rival site. I followed dj to his site lol but I never knew we had a florida version of dj site and I'm glad cause the florida rivals site decline me to join their site and I'm a member of canes sports smh. I think they did not want no more south florida guys on their site! Screw them anyways I'm vibing this site.
  10. Are other rivalry game was Miami Edison too.. They called it the "Zoe Bowl" lol. But it was crunk! Nice good crowd and I went undefeated against them
  11. Yea I'm on Instagram screen name is snoop_zoe305... Lol we played y'all back in 00 in the first round of the playoffs.. With better coaching I honestly think we would if beat y'all.. Yea I know about the soul bowl up there with ely and Dillard. I use to coach with a ely alum name Charles Hafely. He was bragging to us about ely and broward football cause he was coaching we a bunch of dudes including me that played in dade county lol.. Same as you I bleed football and I'm happy I'm played down here... Before Jackson fell of a bit y'all soul bowl was not touch Jackson vs northwestern soul bowl. I mean that game use to bring out numbers.. They even had it at pro player stadium one year in the early 2000...
  12. Them unis is hard! I'm jealous! Lol! But besides the 00 year and the early 90's that was they best year....
  13. We got a neighborhood rivalry north miami vs north miami beach.. This game easily dew a nice big crowd. Not close to northwestern central or central booker t.... Another rivalry is Norland vs Carol City and I think Carol city should play miramar as a rivalry game since those two schools are so close by each other...
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