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  1. Anybody have any insight to why Burchfield stepped down at Mt. Dora after only one year. Newspapers said it was his decision for "personal" reasons....but we all know newspapers lie. LOL!
  2. Old news but....Kenard Lang steps down at Wekiva to take the Oak Ridge job, so Wekiva's open. Not sure I saw it anywhere here but Sanford Seminole is open thru tomorrow. HC got let go but was told he could reapply per Orlando Sentinel. That's wacky.
  3. The "resigned" guy at Atlantic was Buster "How many jobs can you have in a year" Davis and the resignation was just at the start of fall practice, as I recall. New HC was an asst at New Smyrna Beach. Tough way to start in a tough situation, but he's solid there now. I'm curious on the Lopez situation. N-J had an article back in October that he "might not be on the sideline for the Cocoa game" but gave no reason and nothing has come out on why he'd be dismissed mid-season.
  4. Dont know why Atlantic (Port Orange) is on this list. The HC there just got the job in August and from what I know he doesn't intend to go anywhere. Also, Deland took the interim tag off Vernon Shelton and he's the new HC.
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