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  1. ...on a personal level, I really admire you for the way you talk about your boy and your heartfelt concern.  My parents were very hands off.      

    Back in the day, performance-enhancing drugs, recreational drugs to "relax," pain killers...all rampant at the pro/elite level.  These guys I knew were like walking pharmacies.   

    It seems each generation gets more and more willing to "experiment" with extremes.  Kids today scare me, especially the ones with extremely high drive...and I never underestimate them.   

    A professional athlete I knew recently died.  This guy was the picture of health.  I've got a picture of him with a note he wrote me and every time I look at it I cannot believe he is gone.  I am convinced that all of these extremes, with an extreme diet to maintain his bulk, did him in. 



    1. Sharkbait


      Yeah I know.  I am concerned about what it is going to be like for him without football physically and mentally.  When you no longer need to bench 350 and squat 500 how do you get yourself back down to a healthy size, how much damage has your body taken, how do you replace that excitement and intensity you felt playing.  He plans on playing college ball and is talking to some small schools so I guess he still hasn't played enough lol. I love football and it is a great sport but I can hardly watch from the stands anymore with people criticizing players and coaches without even knowing what everyone's assignments even are.  I helped out one year  as basically the "bench coach" for Franklin County and got a whole new appreciation for the job you real coaches do, I have since retired to booster/fundraiser status.

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