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  1. The new North Florida League 1A

    I think what they have done is basically gone back to playing in a district. I don't see an issue with it. Scheduling has been an issue for these schools and if this is an opportunity to have meaningful games in the regular season it can only better prepare them for FHSAA playoffs. As for criticizing these teams for not being able to beat Madison the last couple of years let us then also throw shade at all the other teams Madco has beaten outside of the 1A championship game.
  2. Liberty High Baseball Coach & Wife Electrocuted at Field

    This terrible tragedy has been such a shock to our area. Corey was a devoted father, husband , and coach. He died horrifically in front of his wife, children, and team. His wife died trying to save him, his son chase is now fighting for his life. Corey was from Wakulla County he coached in Liberty County, and worked many years in Gulf and Franklin counties. Please keep the family and team in your prayers.
  3. Baker takes down PSJ

    The better team won. Proud of PSJ for their resilience and giving the community something to take their minds off of all the devastation.
  4. Worst Playoff Losses in FHSAA History

    2018 PSJ 69 Liberty Co 0
  5. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    43 at kickoff in St Joe tonight
  6. 0-9 Gadsden is Playoff Worthy

    Well they wanted to win those games and they tried really hard. They are also really good at coin flips and in the end that is what matters most.
  7. Records of #5 & #6 Seeds in Classes 1A-4A

    In region 1 and 2 you can add the 7 and 8 seeds. Liberty co 3-7 Freeport 3-6 Franklin co 4-5 Chipley 4-4 Talk about participation trophies
  8. Thank you Gadsden

    Gadsden has everybody right where they want them. Them boys out of the tobacco fields are gonna shock the world. Go Gadsden.
  9. 1A Scheduling - Who Are These Teams Playing?

    PSJ and Blountstown play every year the game this year was scheduled for two weeks ago. St Joe and Liberty were district foes for years and last played in 2014 with liberty winning the regular season matchup
  10. 1A Scheduling - Who Are These Teams Playing?

    I know PSJ would love to play more 1A schools but can't get games I imagine Madco has the same issue. Luckily for St Joe we are in an area where the 4A and 5A are pathetic. St Joe would not be able to compete with true 4A playoff teams year in and year out. As far as why the other 1A teams will play Blountstown and not PSJ i dont know. Baker gets lots of 1A games but they pay extremely well.
  11. Hurricane Michael Live Updates

    I have heard it is really really bad
  12. Hurricane Michael Live Updates

    I've been back in apalachicola for for two days now it's bad but nothing compared to st Joe. My son and many other psj kids go to Troy University they were allowed to go home and help. You have to keep working and focus on the task at hand because if you ever stop to just look at everything you will lose it. This is soul crushing.
  13. Hurricane Michael Live Updates

    The pics, videos, and stories I am getting from friends that stayed are unbelievable.
  14. Hurricane Michael Live Updates

    Update on Michael. Panama City major damage. Mexico Beach- almost completely wiped out. PSJ- 75 percent destroyed Franklin County- Apalachicola extremely bad, St George Island and East Point major devastation. Pray for our area. I evacuated but hundreds stayed and many have not been heard from. i fear the loss of life is going to be very high.
  15. Hurricane Michael Live Updates

    The tourists bought all of the gas and water today. Most people are going to have to stay.