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  1. Tanner Jones takes over Port St Joe program.
  2. Are you really gonna brag about beating up the little 1A schools everybody knows how Madison County gets around the number of kids in the school.
  3. I agree Madison County is one of the best in the state but why would you want to keep beating up little 1A schools when you are really a much bigger school.
  4. Well it looks like Baker pulls the same stunt on Vernon it pulled on PSJ last yr no rain in days but the field was knee deep in water.
  5. Congratulations to Coach Palmer on another great yr.
  6. Lets be honest Taylor County has had good talent the last few years but no discipline.
  7. What is the word on the new North Florida football league for 1A schools
  8. Has Baker won a championship since it went to the neutral site concept.
  9. Same old song take Baker away from home on a neutral site they get thumped.
  10. Calling BS on your rain assertion.
  11. By the way you better go check your facts on the rainfall for the previous weekend no record of rainfall
  12. As a matter of fact there was eyewitness proof but really doesn't matter Baker has been doing it for yrs.
  13. I guess it just stinks for PSJ to overcome so much adversity and then have a stunt like this pulled on them.
  14. One thing to have rain but to intentionally run sprinklers for a week is bush league.
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