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  1. East Gadsden 30 Jefferson Co 7 Chiles 42 Fla High 3 Buchholz 14 Lincoln 6 Freeport 34 North Bay Haven 0 West Gadsden 35 Hamilton Co 21 Holmes Co 7 Vernon 6
  2. Madison Co 19 Gainesville Eastside 0 Madison Co 14 Williston 0
  3. Tallahassee Jamboree Wakulla 15 Rickards 14 Godby 12 Wakulla 6 Rickards 14 Godby 8
  4. Bay County Jamboree Bay 13 Rutherford 12 I don't have a score for Mosley and Arnold yet.
  5. Gatorman, I can see that you put a lot of thought into this and you have some really good ideas. My viewpoint may be a little skewed because I mainly follow smaller schools although was in the first class to go to Armwood. I know that Trenton, Port St Joe, Madison, Blountstown, Ft. Meade, and some other 1A schools can compete with many 3A,4A,and 5A schools and many 5A and 6A schools can compete with if not dominate many 7A and 8A schools. The question is if you are a perenial power and you get moved up then don't make the playoffs how long until you get moved back down. I know coaches that don't produce don't keep their jobs and now with school choice one bad season can cost you players. I'm not saying we won't have to go to something like that but everything will need to be considered.
  6. With the population growth in the state we need a solution that is going to be long term and not one that has to be readdressed in a few years. I think we may need to look at the rural school designation I know that's not popular and I don't like it myself. Punishing successful teams by moving them up and rewarding losing teams by moving them down in competition is a terrible idea at that point why keep score. Successful teams are already having to play tougher competition outside of their districts due to the difficulty in scheduling teams that know they don't stand a chance against you. With as many teams as there are now we may one day not have state champions just regional. I don't really have an answer just a few thoughts I wanted to share. Forgive me if this is kind of jumping around I'm trying to watch the Lightning.
  7. I know spring is not the best indicator of future success since some teams treat it like a championship while others are using it as a scrimmage but it is great to hear those pads popping again. A lot of the Friday games up here were moved to Monday due to weather so maybe I'll get to catch catch a couple next week. Dist 7 has always been solid but Trenton was so dominate last year that if they just keep focused they shouldn't have to worry. I think the same teams that are normally in the hunt will be again up here. Taylor County might make some noise in 3A they sure had a lot of raw talent last year.
  8. You'll pass through Apalachicola on the way here lots of good seafood places, We have quite a few new starters but had enough lopsided wins that most all of our boys have had quality minutes. We should know a lot more by November.lol
  9. So I guess Trenton will struggle like last year lol. Such an impressive program I would have loved to see all of the champions from each class play Trenton would give them all a run for their money. I guess we will see y'all up here I think in September.
  10. Defense definitely seems to have been an afterthought
  11. Thursday 19th, Wewahitchka -45 Franklin County- 43 Jamboree at Graceville Port St Joe- 14 Rehobeth Alabama(5A)-7 Port St Joe-7 Graceville-0
  12. I agree with Tigerfan1 roster size is up to schools hiring the right coaches to get the players to come out. There are 1A schools less than 250 total students having to play 1A schools with 600 students as it is. I don't think any changes need to made until we see how the new school choice legislation shakes up the balance of power in all classes.
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