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  1. Yea to end the season this way is tough. But the way Dillard played they didn’t deserve to win. Playing like this next week would’ve gotten them running clocked at STA. I’m going to always go hard for Dillard but like I put on the alumni board a few min ago ; enough of the excuses. It’s not the refs fault, it’s not because of lack of talent Dillard as a FOOTBALL program has NO HEART & that pains the hell out of me to say which is scary because you can’t teach that. No heart & no coaching & you won’t get far. As shown tonight.
  2. First and foremost congrats to ely on the win tonight this is one of their better defenses they’ve had in a very long time, add the few defensive pieces they got from Deerfield and the new DC they added they’re most def the truth. Great game tigers. as for Dillard, THE ENTIRE OFFENSIVE COACHING STAFF need to go along with the the head coach. They run the most childish basic predictable offense I ever seen. As for the head coach , you bench the starting quarterback 5 games ago because of his countless mistakes ; you then put in the sophomore quarterback whose showed waaay more promise win you your last 4 games & then soul bowl come around and you bend him for the SR qb!?!!!! And your reasons are “THIS IS HIS LAST SOUL BOWL he’s a SR” I wouldn’t give a got dam are you trying to win games or popularity contest ?!?? not only that but you keep the sophomore on the bench for the first round & second round of the playoffs as our offense continues to look inept as hell as it has in EVERY BiG game we’ve been the last few years! time & time again ely tried to give Dillard this game but our HC & OFFENSIVE STAFF is so dam pathetic they refused to make and changes to what has shown to be a UNSUCCESSFUL offensive game plan. TIME & TIME AGAIN our offense is the problem & the key problem as to why we lose these big games and at this point I’m over it. Talent wasn’t the problem this year it never is we str8 poop the bed tonight we didn’t deserve to win this Dillard team has NO HEART from the coaches to the players!! & no matter how much talent you have you can’t teach heart! Congrats ely on advancing to the next round.
  3. We use them at our games no one ever said anything
  4. Well well well one thing about revenge it can taste so sweet, after Dillard beat Norland in the KOC I told everybody Norland is gonna be a problem this year & some folks laughed it out ; now look at them Vikings in the third round. after losing to Booker T in the first game by a few scores , mainly because of turnovers them Norland boys came out with a vengeance on defense tonight. This was one of the best defensive game plans I’ve seen this year. booker T couldn’t do ANYTHING on offense even when they were on Norlands goal line on TWO separate occasions. With that said both teams were solid , unfortunately in this time of year only 1 team can move on.
  5. You already know. Saturday evening it’s going down. If 2 weeks ago was any indication of how it get when these two teams meet & that was just for soul bowl. I can imagine this Saturday in a win or go home game smh
  6. Aye all love no war brodie, I’m hoping for a great game blowouts and running clocks especially in the playoffs is no fun. So with that said I hope bulls nation show up and take the tickets to the wire. Either way I have no dog in the fight but I do know how hated rival games can turn out so with that said #BeatElyAss lol!
  7. Omg lol hahahaha lol. Hopefully the only earthquake we have is our fans going crazy each time we get into the end zone & the only power outage is putting the lights out on elys season once & for all.
  8. Game time was just updated to 5:00pm smh
  9. Everyone is broward county is calling this game “UNFINISHED BUSINESS” part 2. when these two teams met just two weeks ago it was ALOT OF Hype, ALOT of tension & bad blood which showed in the game. A lot of Flags & a lot of trash talk. the first half saw a neck & neck battle between two teams who desperately wanted to knock each other off by any means. At halftime it was a (9-7) score with the ely tigers up by 2. As The players & over 7,000 fans inside and outside of Otis gray memorial stadium geared up for an exciting finish, all hell broke lose one the away side and home side was children was trampled over, riots broke out in the parking lot & the game was ended by officials and called a “NO CONTEST” , both teams kept their same record as before the game started. Now THIS WEEK! ; 2 weeks ago was just for soul bowl bragging rights & for ely keeping their undefeated streak alive. this week is for the right to save your season & move another step closer to the ultimate goal which is a state championship. This will be the first time these hated rivals have met in the playoffs since the 70s. The loser of this game would not only see their season come to a end , but it will be by the hands of their most hated rival. Will Ely Shock Dillard & Send the panthers home in a season they were destined for a deep playoff run? , or Will The DILLARD panthers crush elys undefeated season at 9 & beat the tigers for the 6th Year in a Row. ?? …..TO BE CONTINUED. @VeniceIndiansFootball @ColumbiaHighFan2017class @DarterBlue2 @Jullian @cribboy305
  10. As much as I would love for this game to be the game for the ages I just don’t see it. I get that MNW is finally healthy & looking for revenge ; but after a 5-4 season & routing a heavy under achieving team in gulliver who was also missing their starting Qb to injury doesn’t convince me that the bulls are ready to give central a sweat this year. with all the adrenaline the bulls MAY score first, it may even be 14-7 in the second but by game ends I see the final being along the lines of 49-14 or 49-20 if the bulls score that much.
  11. The winner of ely vs Dwyer will play @ Dillard Saturday night at 7:30pm.
  12. Honestly I’ll say this. Defensively their much improved with some key pieces from Deerfield. Offensively outside of the two turnovers we gifted them on our own end they couldn’t move the ball against us at all. overall, with their additions from Deerfield as a team they’re able to beat the bottom feeders in the state, but do I see them beating Dillard in a 4 game quarter or competing with STA not at all. They’re no longer the dumpster fire they was the last few years, but I do believe they’re a year or 2 away of consistent good productivity from getting back to the ely of old.
  13. My game recap from the NATIONAL board that night. On a night where you had south Florida most heated rivals going against one another , the game only lasted 2 quarters before mayhem broke out. What started out as a fight in the parking lot turned into a shooting which lead to chaos inside the stadium. it was a estimate of 2,000 on lookers outside of the stadium because Dillard had reached over their maximum capacity of 5,000 inside the stadium. you couldn’t even access the neighborhood because it was so packed. With Dillard having the ball on elys 30 yard line in the 3rd Qt when all hell broke lose the game was called a NO CONTEST at (9-7). Both teams will keep the record that they had when they came into the game. This was recorded as one of the biggest turnouts in soul bowl history. what’s scary is both of these teams are on a collision course to play each other in the second round of the playoffs. SMFH second str8 home game Dillard had called at halftime.
  14. between all the chaos with soul bowl last week, the system being down this week & then the tropical storm it’s been a interesting week to say the least. Nonetheless today at 5:00pm we will be taking on the flying Ls of ft Lauderdale I’m the quarterfinals for the second year in a row. Last year The Panthers Won 42-0 as the 6th seed. LAST MEETING: 3 weeks ago these teams met at Dillard on a Saturday Night , which saw the game called at halftime with Dillard leading 35-0 due to a fight between players from both schools. that may be a factor as into why a playoff game is starting this early. At that there has literally been zero practice all week it’s gonna be a interesting day to say the least. I still see us advancing by how much I’ll say DILLARD 21 FT LAUDERDALE 7 @VeniceIndiansFootball @DarterBlue2
  15. First and foremost why you was trying to be petty if you haven’t noticed I haven’t been able to update here on game day for the last few weeks simply because since I got a new phone I’m not able to log in on here for some reason it won’t take my credentials, which leaves the only way I’m able to get on here is by my other phone which only works by wifi when I’m home. but if you followed the national site you would know I’ve been doing my live game updates on there. But since you had to put in all caps that we were losing 9-7 in a heated rival game at halftime did that make you feel better homie ? Lol lmao
  16. You was half way there with that prediction lol hahahahha
  17. What changed tho ? The muck is still small & rural like it’s always been , so what happen to Gc after kalvin Johnson ?
  18. Whewww it’s gonna be blood this Saturday the hate that’s being spewed on social media between these schools it’s unlike anything in the past @VeniceIndiansFootball @DarterBlue2 @Jullian A crowd of 6,000+ is expected for Saturday , you can feel the tension as this game gets closer.
  19. I guess this is for a lot of teams that went into the playoffs with 2-8 3-7 records & hosting multiple playoff games over the years because they were district champs. guess they’re looking at it as if you’re a big at large team you’re more deserving as one of the top 4 seeds because you scheduled tough whole winning some tough games vice versa you scheduled nothing but cup cakes & ended the year 8-2 or 9-1
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