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  1. Where js this game being streamed for free? Lol
  2. Man south Florida is suppose to be playing right now lol this junk got me hot
  3. Where are they from is that the school from Tennessee?
  4. Oh this the CIA that beat Atlantic last year thats kina like a low end img ?
  5. There was none last week that were free...online wise and I don't see any for this week either Whats going on...
  6. Ayee Apopka is up here..maybe we can meet up for the first time in 4 years lol. Because it looks like broward public schools are going to have little to No season so im gonna have to pick a orlando school to follow smh lol
  7. Public school wise Deerfield is not the only one with a chance Dillard has a Squad plus more coming back and a head coach from chaminade with championship pedigree. But yea only 2 games if opted in is crazy
  8. Lol after everything i seen in 2020 this don't even surprise me
  9. Haven't heard anything and I see games have started.... Also I stay in Orlando now so what are some good games to check out this year ??
  10. I'm at work there is no espn ...I mean other alternatives
  11. Will there be a live stream for this so I can watch at work ?
  12. Reloaded like a MF championship head coach at the helm the black hole (defense) still im effect so its just a wait and see game or whether we opt in or out
  13. lawd knows I may regret making this thread but aye @Jesse this was a dope pic of ya cowboys ... Big turn out for a rural 1A school wouldn't ya say so lol.
  14. U know he does look familiar now thats why he’s able to survive this message board he has already survived SCREAM
  15. Lmao lol please please one more chance lol!!!!
  16. I’ve been staying quiet on a lot of this & really just observing & I see a lot of counties either starting practice in September, some counties opting out all together. other states starting two months from now so my question is what’s gonna happen with the schedules especially with teams that have OOS matchups ?? What happens to the teams schedule who chooses to opt out of the FHSAA state series this year do they get an entire new schedule ?? Being that if u choose to opt out your religion or district is no longer relevant can someone explain this if you can. @OldSchoolLion @ColumbiaHighFan2017class
  17. I love it and I’m not even from that part of town great Analysis
  18. Have u heard of any of these schools @OldSchoolLion
  19. They stepped their game up ighh lol
  20. I wanna say Jenkins play for pahokee till he graduated in 09 what teams still have nightmares about emm ..lol that’s a tricky one ima gamble and say the one that’s in the picture (trinity catholic) cuz they met a few times in which one was a nail biter won by the devils in 08
  21. Also what I find real interesting is that in that 1986 year st Thomas one every game and lost their last one to Dillard
  22. Lol hahahahahahaha good stuff good stuff
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