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FOUR QUESTIONS: Matt Houvouras, Apopka Flag Football Head Coach

PHOTO CREDIT: Matt Houvouras
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Each day we will post a new Four Questions from a head coach or assistant coach in tackle football or flag football from around the state. To start off our first Four Questions, Apopka Girls Flag Football head coach Matt Houvouras answers our four questions for Flag Football coaches.

If you are a head coach or assistant coach for either football or flag football and want to answer the four questions, please email me at

1. What got you interested in coaching girls flag football, and why?

“Apopka was moving from countywide club level to a varsity sport.  Having had a lot of fun playing in college and after, I decided to give it a shot.  I just really wanted to see what kind of program could I establish if I was in charge.  And it’s just the most fun game out there.”

2. Which coach or coaches, regardless of sport, have served as a role model for you, and why?

“My own father has been my greatest role model.  He was a former teacher, coach, and principal and his guidance is without parallel in my life.  This is an educated man who worked construction, in the summer, in Florida to help make ends meet.  His morality, work ethic and devotion to family were attributes I admired.

Coach Jim Arbogast (basketball coach recently retired from Palm Beach Gardens).  I was enamored with his “Players’ Handbook” that was more about life philosophy than basketball.  I can still quote it thirty years later.

My assistant in Flag Football Eddie Jenkins hired me as his varsity basketball assistant at AHS. From him, I learned how to run a first-class program.  I learned how to get kids to play hard.  He is the calm amidst the storm, a brilliant coach, and a better friend.

I’ve also admired and enjoyed talking with Anthony Jones at Dr. Phillips.  He’s brash and loud but he has sustained excellence for years in many fields.  He’s a great coach.   Because Dr. Phillips is large and often has stellar athletes, he doesn’t get enough credit for how disciplined his teams are.

Austin Bowe also.  In some ways, we are complete opposites.  He’s quiet. I’m loud.  He’s happy fishing; I’m way too hyper for that.  But he is so solid at his core of how to treat players and people and the game.  He has the track record of success and is the best play caller I’ve seen but his Flag Football acumen pales in comparison to his character.”

3. What is your favorite motto or quote, or what is your pet peeve?

“A very successful coach who I admire, David Lee from Eustis (baseball), once told me, ‘There really is one rule; do right.’

My pet peeve is dealing with money.  I hate fundraising.  I hate writing six thousand receipts.  I would love to have someone who handled that for me.”

4. What is one FHSAA policy or flag football rule you would most like to see change, and why?

“Simple.  I want the clock stopped after scores and while officials discuss infractions. With a running clock, these situations take away too much game time.”

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