WEEKLY LOOK AHEAD: A new way to get an idea of what is going on at Florida HS Football

FHSAA Offices in Gainesville. (Joshua Wilson/FHSF)

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Well it is Monday, start of a new week, and getting this first Weekly Look Ahead out has been behind for hours, but there are good reasons behind that with some planning of a few new features, plus the news of Corky Rogers stepping down at Bolles earlier today after 45 years of coaching made for a crazy late morning/early afternoon.

Anyways, let’s get on with the show.

Last week, I published how we would enhance the site experience for users, starting most importantly with the content and what is being done. For now, a lot of this all on me while we work on a few things to bring in some new staff and new interns (don’t worry, not getting rid of our best interns that we have so far including those of Jason Beede, Kyle Wood, and Frankie Gaynor, just to name a few). However, all good things must take the time to grow and develop properly.

The idea behind the Weekly Look Ahead is an idea to give you all a sort of an idea of what is in the works here. Call this a tentative schedule of sorts with content. I will put this out each week on Monday’s and will also be part of an email newsletter we are going to launch this week to help everyone stay on top of what is going news-wise at FloridaHSFootball.com


For the rest of today, I will have our the first of what is expected to be many of the 2017 Schedule Breakdowns which will be taking at look at Armwood’s (Seffner) schedule, plus our first Four Questions from Matt Houvouras, the Girls Flag Football Head Coach at Apopka. Also, I plan to get back to having Moving Van Mondays which will look at the coaching changes going on around the state (plenty of them!).


Looking at doing our first History Huddle feature, but that may be pushed back until Thursday. The idea behind the History Huddle will be to involve some of our high school football history in Florida. Many things that can be done with this. What is certainly on tap will be a schedule breakdown involving Manatee’s (Bradenton) schedule in another 2017 Schedule Breakdown, plus we will have another Four Questions that will either come from a head football coach or head flag football coach.

Also, a big feature looking at Flag’s Football continued growth is on the docket as well.

EDIT: Forgot to include Twitter Tuesdays. We will look at tweets that have been part of the news as well as post a few Twitter polls on the topics being discussed around Florida as well.


Another new feature that will be launching is #AskFHSF Wednesday’s. The deal will be pretty simple. You can either ask me a question by tweeting it to @FlaHSFootball on Twitter using the #AskFHSF hashtag with the question, or you can email a question to me at joshua.wilson@floridahsfootball.com. Just use #AskFHSF hashtag. I will review the questions and try to answer most of them in an article and will try to do this on a weekly basis.

We will also get you ready for the first rankings of the Girls Flag Football season as we release our preseason rankings. We are expanding the rankings from a Top 10 to a Top 20 in each of the two classifications for this season and with a lot of parity, there is going to be some interesting things to start when the regular season commences a week from today.

Also, slated is another 2017 Schedule Breakdown looking at Plant’s (Tampa) schedule and another Four Questions from a coach around the state.


We will have a feature on the three top candidates for the FHSAA Executive Director’s position as the interviews are coming up for that this Sunday at the FHSAA offices here in Gainesville. Originally, there were four candidates, but one dropped out on the same day as the list was announced by the FHSAA in January. But anyways, we will look at the candidates and their qualifications for the position.

Like said earlier, this might be the day we get the History Huddle started on the site if it doesn’t start on Tuesday. Won’t say what the topic is yet, but it will be a classic one.

Also, slated is another 2017 Schedule Breakdown looking at Apopka’s schedule and another Four Questions from a coach around the state.


I will issue an opinion column (I don’t do many of these) on who the FHSAA should hire as the next Executive Director. There has been some quiet debate about this, but I do have my take on this and will share it with everyone on here on Friday.

Also, slated is another 2017 Schedule Breakdown looking at Wiregrass Ranch’s (Wesley Chapel) schedule and another Four Questions from a coach around the state.


Not much planned for Saturday except a 2017 Schedule Breakdown looking at Oakleaf’s (Orange Park) schedule and another Four Questions from a coach around the state.


We will have special live coverage from the FHSAA Executive Director interviews at the FHSAA offices located at 1801 NW 80th Blvd here in Gainesville on Sunday. The plan is to have a page set up to where you can see our tweets live or possible a live blog. Either way, we will be updating you as the interviews proceed throughout the morning (which will get started very early likely at 9:00 AM ET).

Also, slated is another 2017 Schedule Breakdown looking at University’s (Orange City) schedule and another Four Questions from a coach around the state.

Of course all of this plus any other news that comes out that we can push out there will be on here at FloridaHSFootball.com.

If you got any comments or questions on anything in the Weekly Look Ahead, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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