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Class 5A playoff point averages & projected seeds after Week 7

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. — After seven weeks of football, the FHSAA has once again updated the playoff point averages for all teams in all classifications.

There are big changes across the board this week as some teams have entered the projected playoff picture while others have fallen out. In Classes 5A-8A, district record was taken into consideration except on certain exceptions which are noted.

For Class 5A, you will find a breakdown of point averages for each team in every region and a projected seeding (including tiebreakers) based upon the guidelines as published by the FHSAA (click here to view), as well as quick thoughts about each region.


Team Record Avg
Trinity Christian (Jacksonville) 7-0 45.00
Godby 6-0 42.00
West Florida 3-2 41.40
Bolles 4-2 40.33
Mosley 6-1 40.00
Ponte Vedra 5-1 38.67
Wakulla 5-2 37.86
Ribault 3-4 37.14
Suwannee 3-3 35.83
Arnold 4-2 34.83
Bishop Kenny 3-3 34.00
Pensacola 3-3 33.67
Terry Parker 2-4 33.50
Stanton 2-4 33.17
Rickards 2-4 33.00
Westside 0-6 32.83
Yulee 1-5 32.67
Bay 1-5 32.00
Paxon 2-4 28.50


District Champions
No. 1 Trinity Christian (5A-4)
No. 2 Godby (5A-2)
No. 3 Mosley (5A-1)
No. 4 Ribault (5A-4)

No. 5 West Florida
No. 6 Bolles
No. 7 Ponte Vedra
No. 8 Wakulla


No. 8 Wakulla at No. 1 Trinity Christian (Jacksonville)
No. 5 West Florida at No. 4 Ribault
No. 6 Bolles at No. 3 Mosley
No. 7 Ponte Vedra at No. 2 Godby

QUICK THOUGHTS: The top eight teams are clearly identifiable at this point, but Suwannee, Arnold and Bishop Kenny are going try to fight to keep any chances alive at this point. If Trinity Christian wins out the No. 1 seed will be theirs, but a loss and a win out of the schedule by Godby could give them the No. 1 seed. I think it is clear cut the district champions will is listed here for this region, but I expect things to toss around some amongst the seeds currently for the wildcard spots.


Team Record Avg
North Marion 4-2 40.50
Crystal River 6-1 40.29
Menendez 5-1 39.67
Nature Coast 5-1 39.00
Zephyrhills 6-0 38.17
Hernando 5-2 38.14
Baker County 4-2 37.33
Palatka 3-3 37.00
Orange Park 5-1 36.50
Eastside 4-2 36.50
River Ridge 4-2 35.50
Ridgeview 3-4 34.43
Lecanto 2-4 33.83
Citrus 3-4 33.71
Wesley Chapel 4-3 33.43
Clay 1-5 33.17
Fivay 2-5 30.86
Anclote 0-6 29.83
Gulf 1-5 28.50
Hudson 2-4 27.67
Belleview 0-5 27.20
Central (Brooksville) 0-7 26.71


District Champions

No. 1 North Marion (5A-6)
No. 2 Nature Coast (5A-7)
No. 3 Zephyrhills (5A-8)
No. 4 Baker County (5A-5)

No. 5 Crystal River
No. 6 Menendez
No. 7 Hernando
No. 8 Palatka


No. 8 Palatka at No. 1 North Marion
No. 5 Crystal River at No. 4 Baker County
No. 6 Menendez at No. 3 Zephyrhills
No. 7 Hernando at No. 2 Nature Coast

QUICK THOUGHTS: North Marion’s strength of schedule is starting to show here and it is helped them vault to the top of the region rankings going into Week 8. However, I feel there could be many changes here over the next few weeks between district contenders and potential wildcard spots. The only team I feel at this point that has really locked anything down to being in the playoffs is North Marion after they ran past Eastside in what will be their only meaningful district game at this point. Everyone else is still in play plus Orange Park, Eastside and River Ridge.


Team Record Avg
Hardee 6-0 42.00
Jesuit 6-0 41.67
DeSoto County 5-1 39.00
Lakewood 3-4 38.57
Lemon Bay 1-5 36.17
Jefferson 3-4 36.14
Immokalee 2-5 35.71
Dunbar 2-4 35.67
Cypress Lake 3-3 35.67
Southeast 3-3 35.50
Booker 2-4 35.33
Mariner 4-2 34.83
Robinson 4-2 34.33
Gibbs 1-6 34.29
Tarpon Springs 3-4 34.00
Clewiston 1-5 31.83
Lely 0-6 30.83
Spoto 2-5 30.43
Middleton 2-4 29.67
Bayshore 3-3 29.67
Dunedin 0-6 27.00


District Champions

No. 1 Hardee (5A-11)
No. 2 Jesuit (5A-10)
No. 3 Lakewood (5A-9)
No. 4 Dunbar (5A-12)


No. 5 DeSoto County
No. 6 Lemon Bay
No. 7 Jefferson
No. 8 Immokalee


No. 8 Immokalee at No. 1 Hardee
No. 5 DeSoto County at No. 4 Dunbar
No. 6 Lemon Bay at No. 3 Lakewood
No. 7 Jefferson at No. 2 Jesuit

QUICK THOUGHTS: There is not a lot to love about this region outside of Hardee, Jesuit and DeSoto County right now. This is one of the weakest regions in the state this year in any classification and it clearly shows in the records. However, there are playoff spots to fill and they have to be filled by someone. The district that I think is the most worrisome right now is 5A-12 where all the teams have struggled this season to find a consistent groove. Don’t be surprised if the district champ ends up having a .500 record at best in District 5A-12.


Team Record Avg
Rockledge 5-1 44.50
Jones 5-1 42.50
American Heritage (Plantation) 5-1 41.50
Cardinal Gibbons 4-2 40.67
Space Coast 5-2 39.00
Coconut Creek 3-3 38.67
Merritt Island 3-3 38.33
Bishop Moore 3-3 38.33
Hallandale 4-2 37.67
Palm Bay 3-4 36.43
Fort Pierce Westwood 4-2 36.33
Miami Jackson 3-3 35.67
Stranahan 1-5 33.33
Eustis 4-3 33.29
Titusville 0-7 31.57
Tavares 2-4 31.33
Port St. Lucie 3-4 31.29
Suncoast 2-5 31.14
Pompano Beach 0-6 23.83


District Champions

No. 1 Rockledge (5A-14)
No. 2 Jones (5A-13)
No. 3 American Heritage (5A-16)
No. 4 Fort Pierce Westwood (5A-15)


No. 5 Cardinal Gibbons
No. 6 Space Coast
No. 7 Coconut Creek
No. 8 Merritt Island*

*Wins tiebreaker over Bishop Moore with more Category 1 wins.


No. 8 Merritt Island at No. 1 Rockledge
No. 5 Cardinal Gibbons at No. 4 Fort Pierce Westwood
No. 6 Space Coast at No. 3 American Heritage (Plantation)
No. 7 Coconut Creek at No. 2 Jones

QUICK THOUGHTS: I am not shocked at all by the top three teams in the region and I expect it to remain this way. However, I don’t feel American Heritage will have enough to play its way into the No. 1 seed, but possibly the No. 2 seed, but that means winning over Cardinal Gibbons this week. Among the wildcards, Space Coast has overperformed here so far today but has yet to play Palm Bay and Merritt Island, so if they lose to either of those teams, their playoff hopes could be holding on by a thread. The same goes for Coconut Creek as well as they will still have to deal with the list of Hallandale and Miami Jackson. Bishop Moore, Hallandale, and Palm Bay have a chance to knock on the door and slip in depending on what happens the next few weeks.


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