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Class 2A playoff point averages & projected seeds after Week 10

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Ten weeks of football is in the books and the FHSAA has updated the playoff point averages for all teams in all classifications for the final time this season leading to Sunday’s bracket reveal.

As such with this latest update, the playoff picture is starting to become much clearer, but there are still areas where things can drastically change based upon this week’s final regular season games.

In Classes 5A-8A, district record was taken into consideration except on certain exceptions which are noted.

For Class 2A, you will find a breakdown of point averages for each team in every region and a projected seeding (including tiebreakers) based upon the guidelines as published by the FHSAA (click here to view), as well as quick thoughts about each region.


Team Record Avg
North Florida Christian 5-3 40.63
Maclay 9-0 38.89
University Christian 6-3 38.89
Aucilla Christian 8-1 38.11
FAMU DRS 3-4 35.71
Munroe Day 4-5 34.11
Rocky Bayou Christian 3-5 33.50
Eagle’s View 2-6 32.00
North Florida Educational 0-9 29.67
St. John Paul II (Tallahassee) 0-8 27.88



No. 1 North Florida Christian
No. 2 Maclay*
No. 3 University Christian
No. 4 Aucilla Christian
No. 6 Munroe Day

*TIEBREAKER: Maclay would win the tiebreaker over University Christian with more CAT 1 wins over University Christian


BYES: No. 1 North Florida Christian, No. 2 Maclay

No. 5 FAMU DRS at No. 4 Aucilla Christian
No. 6 Munroe Day at No. 3 University Christian

QUICK THOUGHTS: Of note here, the biggest change is FAMU DRS jumping into the top six in the region after grabbing a big win over Vernon to take over the No. 5 seed while Munroe Day moves to the No. 6. Once both Maclay and University Christian play this week things will likely settle out with the points. I do expect University Christian to possibly jump Maclay for the No. 2 seed depending on results from this week.


Team Record Avg
Victory Christian 8-1 39.22
Zephyrhills Christian 7-2 37.44
Foundation Academy 7-2 37.44
Trinity Christian (Deltona) 6-3 34.78
Oak Hall 6-3 34.78
St. Francis Catholic 4-5 34.78
Kingdom Prep 2-6 31.13
Halifax Academy 6-3 30.56
Merritt Island Christian 3-5 29.88
Cornerstone Charter 3-6 29.22
Warner Christian 0-8 28.25



No. 1 Victory Christian
No. 2 Zephyrhills Christian*
No. 3 Foundation Academy*
No. 4 Trinity Christian (Deltona)**
No. 5 Oak Hall**
No. 6 St. Francis Catholic**

*TIEBREAKER ONE: Zephyrhills Christian would win the tiebreaker over Foundation Academy with more CAT 1 wins (1-0).

**TIEBREAKER TWO: Trinity Christian and Oak Hall each have only one CAT 3 win while St. Francis Catholic has no CAT 3 wins, the No. 4 and No. 5 seed would have to be determined by coin flip to break this tie with No. 6 automatically going to St. Francis Catholic in this situation.


BYES: No. 1 Victory Christian, No. 2 Zephyrhills Christian

No. 5 Oak Hall at No. 4 Trinity Christian (Deltona)
No. 6 St. Francis Catholic at No. 3 Foundation Academy

QUICK THOUGHTS: The only changes here is that Zephyrhills Christian and Foundation Academy change seeds, but again as I have said the last few weeks, we are looking at the six teams that will be representing this region when the final bracket is revealed on Sunday.


Team Record Avg
Admiral Farragut 7-1 38.38
Seffner Christian 9-0 37.33
Carrollwood Day 5-4 36.11
Evangelical Christian 5-4 34.56
Cambridge Christian 3-7 34.30
Indian Rocks Christian 2-8 32.20
Southwest Florida Christian 2-7 30.67
Keswick Christian 4-5 30.33
Northside Christian (DQ) 2-7 32.44



No. 1 Admiral Farragut
No. 2 Seffner Christian
No. 3 Carrollwood Day
No. 4 Evangelical Christian
No. 5 Cambridge Christian
No. 6 Indian Rocks Christian


BYES: No. 1 Admiral Farragut, No. 2 Seffner Christian

No. 5 Cambridge Christian at No. 4 Evangelical Christian
No. 6 Indian Rocks Christian at No. 3 Carrollwood Day

QUICK THOUGHTS: No changes in the seeding order this week in this region and it looks like we are seeing the six teams that will represent this bracket here for the final bracket come Sunday.


Team Record Avg
St. John Neumann 8-1 38.67
Miami Christian 7-0 38.57
Moore Haven 7-1 37.63
Glades Day 5-4 37.33
Champagnat 4-4 36.88
First Baptist (Naples) 3-5 35.13
Community School (Naples) 3-6 31.11
Village Academy 0-8 28.50
Marco Island Academy 0-7 23.00



No. 1 St. John Neumann
No. 2 Miami Christian
No. 3 Moore Haven
No. 4 Glades Day
No. 5 Champagnat
No. 6 First Baptist (Naples)


BYES: No. 1 St. John Neumann, No. 2 Glades Day

No. 5 Champagnat at No. 4 Glades Day
No. 6 First Baptist (Naples) at No. 3 Moore Haven

QUICK THOUGHTS: A lot of changes here as St. John Neumann moves up to the fourth seed, while Miami Christian moves to the No. 2 seed. Moore Haven and Glades Day go to the No. 3 and No. 4 seeds while nothing else changes. The teams we see here in this region for the top six spots will be the teams in the final bracket on Sunday.


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