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  1. Wouldn’t be saying nothing.. it’s funny you shyt on Deerfield cause they stay shytting the bed (which they deserve) but they actually play top teams while they win some n lose some .. But you come trying to overhype teams (which I love Jackson) cause y’all beat them... Jackson is a 3 tier team like y’all n Weston... But don’t make it seem like they are state contenders...
  2. I doubt they gonna need the refs help to beat y’all... Maybe with a top tier team but not y’all... Hope y’all make it a game... y’all got some players especially those boyz that came in this year..
  3. Yea your trying to over hype that win... Jackson is good.. 3 tier in Dade County type of team...
  4. Don’t you guys play Gibbons next week
  5. Great win for Colombus .... I guess I will slide to that game next week..
  6. http://live.flofootball.com/#/event/6211-2018-freedom-bowl see if this work
  7. They always have a chance with ice in the sideline n their talent but size is always gonna nite them on the ass.. I expect a close game but got MC wining by 10
  8. Lol you better hope your right cause if your wrong I’m going in on you... I highly doubted that you watch Buford like that... I think Deerfield lose to cause it’s in Ga cause of the refs funny up there but I don’t think it’s a blow out
  9. The only thing I can agree with you about Deerfield is they shit the bed when it comes to state titles.. But yea they deserve to be rank high.. 2 years ago was there chance to make it to States and lost to Southridge in a dogfight... They beat the private power which is in Broward in some years.. Number consistent thing they have going on over there is the coaching staff.. maybe that needs to get change... But I don’t see no problem of them being rank.. Are they chock artistes yes but I don’t mind the ranking.. Sounds more like a little hate to me... just my opinion...
  10. I can name like 5-7 qbs that better then him down here
  11. You said not every team can get quality transfers so I said why STA can’t find a quality qb...
  12. That was the main and only reason they lost. Miami beat them at every stat but the turnover margin..
  13. So why st Thomas can’t get a great qb transfer?
  14. So ESPN is on STA ass? Well maybe if Dwyer schedule bettter games like they did in the past , maybe they will be on tv... Still waiting on them to play a top notch team from Dade and Broward during the regular season...
  15. Have you seen Dwyer play or your going by paper cause of a couple of transfers they got?
  16. He’s more of hoping then really thinking Dwyer will be there lmao.. Comical lmao
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