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  1. STA @ DFB

    Or Buford may not be that good this year but hey we will see
  2. Why Vero Beach will win states this year

    Lol hahahahaha well they did say honesty is the best policy lol
  3. DILLARD (4-2) @ (1-4) ARCHBISHOP MCCARTHY ...Dillard looks for their 4th consecutive win.

    Lmao lol jus the thought of it have me in tears of laughter even if they tried they wouldn’t even kno how to curse right they would be like YEEAA DUDE YOUR READY FOR THIS ASS WHOOPING YOU GUYS ARE LIKE TOTALLY IN FOR IT!!!! LMAO LOL HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

    Right now Carol city is the #1 team In Miami probably in all of Florida and rightfully so but a thought ran cross my mind. from the number one team in Broward County to the number 10 team in broward what would be the result of each matchup on a neutral field. And this is my opinion. #PREDICTIONS CAROL CITY VS #1 DFB I got Carol city winning 42-13 CAROL CITY VS ST THOMAS i got Carol city winning 47-20 CAROL CITY VS AHP already beat them 38-14 this year CAROL CITY VS U SCHOOL i got Carol city winning 48-13 CAROL CITY VS CHAMINADE I got Carol city winning 46-19 CAROL CITY VS MIRAMAR i got Carol city winning 40-6 CAROL CITY VS PLANTATION i got Carol city winning 35-0 CAROL CITY VS DILLARD Got Carol city winning 47-6 CAROL CITY VS WESTERN got Carol city winning 46-0 CAROL CITY VS CARDINAL GIBBONS Got Carol city winning 42-14 so as I look at this this is one top Dade County school vs the very best in Broward County and me personally I don’t see not one school in broward coming even within 20 points of Carol city. And you still have the likes of Carol city northwestern and southridge in mia who would most likely light up half if not all of Broward County top 10 list as well. so it brings to question WHAT IS BROWARD COUNTY FOOTBALL?? and what have we lost or what have we been missing over the years ??? what happen to the edge grit and nastiness that we use to have as a county in the 90s & 80s that made us just as good or better much years then our 305 counterparts ??
  5. STA @ DFB

    This game has the feel of the year Dfb put it on sta to go 10-0. While I pray their field is finally up to par i see this being a very good game. it can go either way lot of bragging rights at stake for the winner for Dfb this year it’s championship or bust. Is the year for the bucks ...time will tell.
  6. Why Vero Beach will win states this year

    I want it for them after all these undefeated regualr seasons they have to break through and win it all at some point
  7. DILLARD (4-2) @ (1-4) ARCHBISHOP MCCARTHY ...Dillard looks for their 4th consecutive win.

    I can agree with that I’ll be stunned if we don’t put up 40 on this team ...
  8. DILLARD (4-2) @ (1-4) ARCHBISHOP MCCARTHY ...Dillard looks for their 4th consecutive win.

    We put up 50 on Hollywood hills but u don’t think we can put up 50 on archbishop McCarthy ? Whose Dbs and corners are slower then my grandma and for the record it’s dillard own fault they didn’t put up 50 on stranahan when u allow a inferior opponent to bait u into trash talk and personal fouls and delayed drives that’s exactly what your gonna get a subpar performance which is why we was up 20-0 instead of 40 or 50-0. so nah BRO!!! AInt sh** getn to my head
  9. This Friday my panthers travel for their 5th road game of the season to the ranch’s of archbishop McCarthy the Mavericks come in losers of about two or 3 in a row but is (1-0) in district play “20-8 win over boynton beach” dillard on the other hand comes in 4-2 (2-0) in district play winners of 3 consecutive outscoring their last 3 opponents 126-25 last week tho Dillard struggled with putting the hammer down on below avg neighborhood rival stranahan which is a concern moving forward possibly if they don’t fix that. nonetheless I believe Dillard wastes no time putting this away and moving to 5-2 and getting more dangerous along the way. PREDICTION: DILLARD 50 ARCHBISHOP 0
  10. FloridaHSFootball.com Week 7 pickems

    St Thomas venice avon Park gainesville armwood Osceola Navarre american heritage Delray wekieva Carol city
  11. More Braden River vs Venice drama

    Cool cool ..how is the rivalry on the field ? Is it usually a packed game ? And who has the more rowdy fan base
  12. More Braden River vs Venice drama

    Lol what is the actual rival of these two? Wen u here Braden river and Venice it doesn’t strike as hard nose must see rivalry
  13. Dillard vs St Thomas Aquinas Series

    I agree looks like we will finish 8-2 This year in dominating fashion will be the first 8-2 season in over 10 years.
  14. Dillard vs St Thomas Aquinas Series

    True neighborhood rival ...either sta just got much better or Dillard philosophy and coaching methods has changed
  15. Scheduling Strategies

    Oh how I wish it was that recent but we lost that game in 2014 that was jus the closest we’ve gotten to beating them lol since our last win