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  1. Lol... Smh when you gonna learn muck..
  2. De lasalle got to worry about one game a year and that's the open championship game... They don't play nobody in Northern California
  3. Well so far their 0-2 against fla teams...
  4. They have a new coach that came over from the Central staff.. They return their now soph qb which played solid last year... I know they lost 3 players from their defense that's at BTW now... But it's really a 2 team district with Borland and northwestern knocking on the door
  5. Well they are running the north with that wing t
  6. Zoe Boy

    Miami Central

    Carol City should have beat central last year.. Carol City got a squad but their coaching staff is suspect
  7. I would take out the bottom 3 and insert carol city coconut creek
  8. Zoe Boy


    They can still play the top schools in the state like apopka dr Phillips or the south fla powers or even your team
  9. Zoe Boy


    IMG is not a powerhouse.. Who did they play or beat? SJR from jearsey bout lost to a in St. John ... Plus they played no big name schools in fla and don't give me jacksonilville trinity....
  10. You know I'm made in dade so I'm going with the F-5
  11. Yes I'm a alumni and I believe that sta game is on a weekend...
  12. I will be at the sta game when they play btw
  13. Zoe Boy

    Miami Central

    Do they repeat? I think Carol City has a team that can give them pressure or even beat them...
  14. They don't have to move up cause thy play in a classification where they can lose to a public or have a chance to lose.. Unlike TC and NFC they running trains on teams they play from them rural areas...
  15. Easy schools like TC and NFC put them in higher classes and disregard the number of kids they have going in their school... Let them compete with the big boys..
  16. Wow that's crazy.. Idk how this is gonna work..
  17. Word of advice max prep is highly not a good resource to look at... No need to apologize...
  18. The same reason why Sta always have problems with Miramar..
  19. First of all if you really knew Dade n broward you would know it's not that much difference of towns.. I'll bet you that 3/4 of those kids played with or against each other... As of history central has sent a lot of guys to the league... Trust me sta and btw already know each other very well even tho they didn't play each other
  20. Finally play a team has talent across the board? Where you've been the past 41 games Miami Central NFL University school had more talent then this year Sta team so far... Sta is finally playing a team that has talent across the board..
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