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  1. Bad stuff going on in Trenton

    A POS just walked up to front window of the restaurant and assassinated them.
  2. Bad stuff going on in Trenton

    The Gilchrist county sheriffs office just had a shoot out at Ace China and two deputy's are dead along with one suspect. some reports say one man ran from the restaurant and is on the run. Prayers going out to all involved
  3. Blountstown coach coming to PSJ

    I hear Po Joe pays good too !!!
  4. Blountstown coach coming to PSJ

    Wow he has been at Blountstown a long time
  5. Blountstown/Madison final

    We had 4.3 speed and he is starting at Boston College on Saturdays not scuba Mississippi
  6. Blountstown/Madison final

    Trenton would have put a running clock on Columbia in a half in 2015.
  7. Blountstown/Madison final

    No districts in 4A you can keep the same schedule
  8. Blountstown/Madison final

    Just to help some other folks to understand this not about sour grapes but to understand the problems with small school football. James Madison has 190 students more than enough students to field a football team. Do you really think it would be fair to place James Madison in the same classification Madison County ? Some will say the charter school is not big enough to have a football program but i will remind you that Hawthorne has had one for ever and their enrollment is 164, Jefferson county is also around the same size at 198 and they have won more Championships than Madison County.
  9. Blountstown/Madison final

    I wish it was that simple but i dont have political contacts to get it done
  10. Blountstown/Madison final

    Never said that, Now you are twisting the facts.
  11. Blountstown/Madison final

    Read Captains post on the second page it should explain it
  12. Blountstown/Madison final

    So what you gona do about it ? Ask the FHSAA to re- instate you guys into 4A where you belong would be my choice.
  13. Blountstown/Madison final

    Man it quite in here with all these facts being thrown around !!!
  14. Blountstown/Madison final

    http://www.jmphs.org/ Fake news Bro look at the website
  15. Blountstown/Madison final

    For a fact a true 1A team in Hawthorne and there enrollment is about the same size as James Madison, Something to think about right their.