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  1. Top 20 south Florida schools headed into 2019 season

    Now that the dust has settled, my Palm Beach Top 10 is: 1. Atlantic 2. Pahokee 3. Palm Beach Lakes 4. American Heritage 5. Glades Central 6. Palm Beach Gardens 7. Palm Beach Central 8. Park Vista 9. Dwyer 10. Seminole Ridge Next: Benjamin, Kings Academy, Boca Raton, Cardinal Newman, Wellington
  2. The 25 Best FL HS LB's of the Past 50 Years

    I attempted to add some data here, but it just wouldn’t work. But, you can google him and you will see that he was an All-American, All-State, and also MVP of the Florida-Georgia All-Star game (which was a big deal back then). I’m not here to debate neither, but his high school and college career puts him about many of the guys mentioned.
  3. The 25 Best FL HS LB's of the Past 50 Years

    That is not true. Rutledge was High School All-American and All-SEC. Willie Williams did absolutely nothing in college. Actually Rutledge had a better college career then more than half of this list.
  4. The 25 Best FL HS LB's of the Past 50 Years

    Wow this list does not include Glades Central/UF’s Johnny Rutledge??
  5. 6A Rankings Top 10 going into 2019 season.

    You are really high on your Panthers this season
  6. Pahokee

    There are rumors that a few more lineman are heading to PK, so if that’s true, it would help a lot. I also heard a quality QB Coach is joining the staff. We will see how it rolls.
  7. Pahokee

    Pahokee has received another QB transfer. It’s a 3 man battle at this point. Which has allowed the Athletic QB to slide back to WR.
  8. Can Plantation dethrone the raiders in 7A-14

    Not the Plantation that I saw on the spring.
  9. Pahokee

    What do you see so great at GC that Pahokee can’t win? As of now, Pahokee is deeper and has better Coaching.
  10. Top 20 south Florida schools headed into 2019 season

    You guys haven’t been paying attention to the off season movement. Lakes SHOULD be very legit. They got a few transfers from Dwyer and Palm Beach Central. I think Boca and Glades Central plays in the KOC or Week 1. GC’s secondary better not slip because Boca’s QB is good. Dwyer probably will take a step back. My County Top 10 based off of Offseason movement would be: 1. Atlantic 2. Pahokee 3. Palm Beach Lakes 4. American Heritage 5. Dwyer 6. Palm Beach Central 7. Glades Central (was 5 until recent departed transfers) 8. Boca Raton 9. Seminole Ridge 10. Park Vista Watch List: Palm Beach Gardens, Benjamin, Kings Academy, Wellington, Santaluces, Cardinal Newman
  11. Some entertainment for the DOG DAYS of Summer...

    He did practice squads with Atlanta and Carolina
  12. Is Lake Okeechobee/The Muck Losing Its Luster?

    I will admit that the Muck has lost some muster. Coaching change at Pahokee along with some transfer that moved back home should return them back to the top of 1A. Glades Day also has a coaching change, but are hiring from within, so maybe the younger energy can kick start them again. Pete Walker has returned to Clewiston and he usually gets them competitive. It’s really hard to say how good Glades Central will be. The schedule is favorable, but I don’t think they can play with the Teams in 4A region 4 right now.
  13. Class 1A Region 4 - Can Hawthorne Do It Again?

    Pahokee wins this Region
  14. Pahokee Schedule

    Max prep rankings matter?
  15. Who Are These Coaches?

    With Daniels out, Brian Dodds at Park Vista now has the longest active tenure in Palm Beach County.