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  1. I’m definitely not opposed to another Association being formed. If Dade county leads the charge, I’m sure other large districts would follow. I honestly don’t think the FHSAA would be able to financially survive without South FL. Just my opinion.
  2. I can tell that your are not far from 15 years old with the "you sleep" lingo. Enjoy your day guy.
  3. Don't bring this up. Jessie says that Madison County never loses.
  4. He has a championship ring on all 3 levels. Was in the running to be Glades Central's Head Coach this season.
  5. According to the school website, Drametrice Smith is the Head Coach. It has Foster as Defensive Line Coach.
  6. My Opinion is that he is one of the Top this past decade. Like I said, you have your opinion and I have mine.
  7. Pahokee has been in 1A only 4 years. So that’s the only stretch that I have watched. I named 3 players that I liked in my opinion. You have yours and I have mine.
  8. Corbin never left the field when he played against Pahokee. Offense, defense, and special teams.
  9. I hear that QB situation was more about the younger QB’s dad is a big donor and was ready for his kid to start right away, so the incumbent needed to go elsewhere.
  10. Akeem Dent-Pahokee, Travis Jay-Madison, and Ty Corbin- Chiefland
  11. He’s also the son of NFL Hall of Famer Rickey Jackson. He will be named Head Coach of Glades Central.
  12. I have and the clock person at the Pahokee vs Madison game was not a Ref. He wore a Madison hat.
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