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  1. I have and the clock person at the Pahokee vs Madison game was not a Ref. He wore a Madison hat.
  2. I wasn’t there but I hear the guys were treated with great hospitality.
  3. The only bad part of the game was that Madison was controlling the clock and chain crew. The clock person manipulated the clock all game long and the chain crew was moving the sticks during plays. I’m then south, actual Referees are clock operators and chain crew in the playoffs. That needs to be enforced up north as well.
  4. Pahokee actually traveled yesterday and did a walk through at Columbia this morning.
  5. 1997 Jacksonville Raines vs Glades Central Mack Frazier vs Brad Banks
  6. Not BS. The AD really dropped the ball on this.
  7. You keep saying they won’t make it, but both Trinity and Pahokee are sitting in playoffs spots. Both teams win one more game and they will be locked in. Anything happens after that.
  8. I saw film from the game. You can’t put it all on the Coaches. A lot of things they could have done different, I agree. But, if you look at the film, a lot of the kids with those offers are not playing well right now.
  9. From what I’ve seen, there isn’t a stand out at Corner. They are really missing Brown (IMG) and Cunningham (injury).
  10. Pahokee and Lakes play this week. Pahokee desperately needs to win. Should be interesting. Glades Central is definitely not what it use to be. Hester is not a bad coach, he just hires bad assistants. Plays Gardens this week and need that win in the worse way.
  11. What were the questionable substitutions?
  12. Dillard simply bullied Pahokee. Nothing fancy at all. Just old school bullied.
  13. I’m going to say 15-14 Pahokee in a defensive battle. Monday night game after long layoffs. Though many may not admit it, this is a must win for Pahokee. So I think they claw it out.
  14. Good analysis. For some reason I think it will be low scoring game
  15. So you predict Dillard in a close one? Give us a score prediction.
  16. Those couldn’t have been real Blue Devil fans because everyone knows that Dwyer is down this year. But, Mr. Pinko says Dillard by 30, so you should have no worries.
  17. Now that the dust has settled, my Palm Beach Top 10 is: 1. Atlantic 2. Pahokee 3. Palm Beach Lakes 4. American Heritage 5. Glades Central 6. Palm Beach Gardens 7. Palm Beach Central 8. Park Vista 9. Dwyer 10. Seminole Ridge Next: Benjamin, Kings Academy, Boca Raton, Cardinal Newman, Wellington
  18. I attempted to add some data here, but it just wouldn’t work. But, you can google him and you will see that he was an All-American, All-State, and also MVP of the Florida-Georgia All-Star game (which was a big deal back then). I’m not here to debate neither, but his high school and college career puts him about many of the guys mentioned.
  19. That is not true. Rutledge was High School All-American and All-SEC. Willie Williams did absolutely nothing in college. Actually Rutledge had a better college career then more than half of this list.
  20. Wow this list does not include Glades Central/UF’s Johnny Rutledge??
  21. You are really high on your Panthers this season
  22. There are rumors that a few more lineman are heading to PK, so if that’s true, it would help a lot. I also heard a quality QB Coach is joining the staff. We will see how it rolls.
  23. Pahokee has received another QB transfer. It’s a 3 man battle at this point. Which has allowed the Athletic QB to slide back to WR.
  24. What do you see so great at GC that Pahokee can’t win? As of now, Pahokee is deeper and has better Coaching.
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