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  1. Tes55

    Edgewater V IMG

    Edgewater have any other openings on the schedule?
  2. Tes55

    Vero vs Venice

    AHP could still be on for 9/18. Waiting on few things
  3. AHP waiting to see what the counties decide and if can get more games that way. Currently have two games on schedule. Several opportunities but will be a complete road tour of the state of Fl. J-Ville , Tampa, Orlando, Gville, and maybe a Tallahassee
  4. Anybody know what’s going on down there? Lots of things going around
  5. AHP @ Apopka week wk1 . Wk 3 open. Vero was full when AHP inquired
  6. Yes that week is open. AHP has Dillard as the classic wk 0 atm.
  7. Sloppy on both sides. If no PI on 3rd and 20 Heritage with 2 min left goes in for winning score. Respect to the da west though they came to play. Going to have to do again next year
  8. I could see Broward locking up 3A and up Chaminade 3A Gibbons 4A AHP 5A Dillard 6A STA 7A Western/ Deerfield 8A
  9. Don't blame the last meeting on not having a kicker. That game was 27-8 at halftime for Heritage. Heritage had a missed fg and several failed scoring opportunities. Game could of went the other way just as easy and the clock would of ran. Both the current teams have had a couple slow start games. First one to get the momentum wins Darter, can you elaborate on why you think MNW will out physical ahp. Don't see it
  10. What boatload of transfers name them. The senior QB and best WR been there since 8th grade. The game was never in question the freshman QB was doing freshman things. Play the game on a good field and the senior QB playing and it's running clock at half. Everyone wrote AHP off at start of season. 27-6 with backups is still good result
  11. 27-6 final with the backup freshman QB 1st start ever on a mud rain field. Was going to be slow start don't get things twisted dilliard
  12. Columbiafan, not sure what you have against AHP but ranking TCA ahead of them when it was proved very clearly on field that TCA is not. Entitled to your opinion but it’s contradictory to your own words about beating someone high and move up.
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