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  1. True with some points you said but Central was a bad example... Central was always good just couldn't get over the hump and coaching use to always kill their good teams...
  2. True... But I believe if BTW had stay open for as long as STA they would of had a long history... Remember they re open back up in 99-00.... Before then those kids were going to Miami high, Miami beach high and Miami Jackson...
  3. The only thing you gain is playing a top notch team seeing if y'all can take them down... I'm pretty sure the kids wouldn't mine coming down playing btw...besides that y'all don't have nothing to gain
  4. I'm pretty sure if sta never decline to play in the bk bowl I'm pretty sure sta would be playin btw...
  5. I agree but they played 3 state champions that year including Miami Central which was obviously the second best team in the state and country IMO... That year Central whoop AHP ass too!
  6. I agree with you with the 8 classes.. I honestly believe that the reason they did 8 classes was for teams to have a chance to win state and make money... As far as BTW they play who they play... Or should I say whoever steps up to play... We had 8 state championships really from 4a to 8a.... Every other team could of step up and played them but didn't besides MC which they beat earlier that year.... But I'm pretty sure they would play anybody in the state....
  7. You got something against Booker t I see
  8. What you mean you seen what miami is all about and its to dangerous to play down here? If Pratville Alabama can drive down here to play why can't Columbia?
  9. Yup! It was a rainy game too.. That game hurted...
  10. With butch you can see the teams was getting better and they played aggressively and he beat top teams with with winning records.. Like I was at the Penn St game they lost at the OB.. I was like 13 or 14.. Yea they lost the game but they did not just play this soft defense and beat us.. They had to earn their way to beat the canes... We lost playing aggressive... Al Folden is just straight trash!!
  11. Besides the 3 games in district play the other 7 games is oos or 6a and 8a teams they play... So yea I believe they could of still have a 41 game win streak..
  12. I agree.. Which I'm happy it finally happening but from 11-15 the games should of been played even with MC...
  13. Remeber Booker t was not open in 98 so a lot of their kids went to jackson too... It had some Latins there but it was super swoll.. After the west won everybody storm the field... Fans too...
  14. I was there for the soul bowl games in the late 90's early 2000
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