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  1. I just gave 5 stars to Ashley at @CARiD_com for great service!

  2. Didn't I tell you Creek would beat Dillard , Dillard won't make the Playoffs
  3. Naw Jackson won't beat them, They probably win State with 2 to 3 loses..
  4. Tune in to EspnU Saturday 8/23 9:00 pm. Booker T. Is not going to miss a beat. St. Thomas probably the only team that can complain . Not big on American Heritage they overrated to me..
  5. Lol.. I told you those teams and are better than Dillard. The Polls just reflect that..
  6. Hate to crush your dreams South Dade won't make playoffs and Coral Gables lost a lot of talent , They may even miss the playoffs. I've seen Dillard they are average . Do you get out and watch or are you just speaking from I love my school and Alumni stand point ? Dillard is average they lost too much experience and talent. They don't reload like that cause Hertiage & St.Thomas is stealing all the Elite talent.. Not trying to diss them I just don't see them being good as they were 2013 ..
  7. RedMan is Mullins nickname, That's what we call him.. He and Bruce are suppose to be bringing the U back.
  8. I told Redman at Img bout Miami , But he commit cause him and Sam Bruce suppose to bringing the U back. Lol.. I wanna see if it sticks.
  9. Damn you ah Big Crybaby nobody hyping Hallendale . Are you slow or what you put up the schedule and asked for opinions. I put up possible loses and you start crying and you kept bringing them up. Damn get out yo feelings ppl have a right to voice there own opinion Respect that Yo. You all whining like a child cause ppl don't agree with you. You don't know Football if you went out there and seen them and don't think they lose 3 to 5 games . Theres a difference between being a realest and being in denial you keep talking bout what Dillard did to them last year but Dillard has lost 14 to 15 start
  10. Just talk to my source they say his Mom is gushing Miami hard and pulling for them. So I think it's going to be Um , Fsu might have a shot. But Mom knows best I guess.
  11. I don't know where he is going, I'm saying from a Offensive Scheme stand point Ohio State is a great fit. You also know Ohio State has a St. Thomas pipeline . I've heard him say several times he is big Fsu fan ..
  12. Why put up a Blog if you can't respect ppl's opinion ? You asked a question we answered it, Now you tryna convince us we are wrong. Obviously your judgement is clouded cause your biased toward anybody on Dillard schedule. I don't factor into history I factor in the here and now.. Respect ppl's mind about there opinion. Your points aren't valid there the past that's exactly why I don't respond to them. I speak on what I see .
  13. It will be Ohio State , Miami staff sucks.. Hearing all the tatics they have to resort to makes me smh..
  14. He having some personal problems and Miramar might not be the right fit..
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