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  1. Merry Christmas and hope Santa got everyone what they wanted for Christmas
  2. I need the powerhouses to make a field trip to Florida preferably south Florida. Bishop Gorman, Hoover, Allen, Desoto, Mater Dei, Southlake, Grayson just naming a few.
  3. @Sharkbait You're absolutely correct about Miami. Down here it's so much happening that football at times can get left in the dust. Now if it's rival schools with Northwestern, Jackson, Central, Carol City and Booker T. Washington well then you can get a packed house. You will never get more than 10,000 like those Texas schools do and besides unless you go to FIU or Dolphin stadium Traz Powell only holds 10,000. Five thousand on each side.
  4. I don't think enrollments make a difference at a school in terms of stadiums. Now obviously Miami schools don't have stadiums on school grounds except privates but Broward does. Just look at these numbers and mind you none of these stadiums have big seating capacity except Traz Powell stadium at 10 000. John A. Ferguson 4300 G. Holmes Braddock 3500 South Dade 3300 Coral Gables 3200 Felix Varela 3100 Hialeah Gardens 3000 Flanagan 3100 Western 3200 Cypress Bay 4600 West Broward 3100 Miramar 2700
  5. You know it's bad when are private schools such as Bolles, Bishop Moore, American Heritage Plantation/Delray, St. Thomas, Cardinal Gibbons, Belen Jesuit and so fourth suppose to have all this money yet public schools in Texas would put us to shame. I'm not even talking about Allen high school. Desoto and Cedar Hill both have good facilities and both are majority black schools.
  6. I know for me and I wasn't in attendance but the soul bowl game with Northwestern and Jackson had 47,000 at the Orange Bowl. This game was a playoff game and took place in 1998 and the attention crowd were people from both schools. Since the 1998 soul bowl game and maybe I'm wrong and just speaking for Miami, but there hasn't been a game since with that type of attendance.
  7. In Texas people show up and support. Alumni, students, community and so fourth but with Florida I don't understand. On a regular in Texas people come out for games not necessarily playoffs, but with Florida it seems like unless it's rival people don't show.
  8. All ways been the closer schools to bring cowards. Lake Brantley, Boone, Apopka, Dr. Phillips and Seminole out of the Orlando area. I'm surprised 7A wasn't bigger with Plant being from Tampa not that far away either. Miami schools always bring crowds and Pahokee brought a lot for a small school shoot damn near whole city of Pahokee showed up.
  9. @Big Blue So you're saying only 800 hundred people showed up for Baker.
  10. 954 gator You got everybody the only one you missed was Ribault.
  11. I'm sorry but Lake Gibson doesn't have a shot period. Yeah anything can happen which is why you play 4 quarters, but the talent roster from top to bottom on both sides isn't comparable at all. Carol City on defense is fire I mean that defense is clicking on all cylinders and when the offense picks up its a rap. Carol City has played IMG Academy, Oxbridge Academy, Lakeland, Southridge, Central, Northwestern twice and a so called good Mainland squad. When you look at Lake Gibson who have they played or what was there signature win on the season.
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