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  1. UCF were FBS Champs in 2017 too. Just saying.
  2. UCF were FBS Champions in 2017 too. Just saying.
  3. UCF would still beat FAU by 2 touchdowns at least even if they played this weekend.
  4. When was there an official offer that UCF supposedly turned down? And "garbage Pitt" that played PSU to a 7pt loss that they probably should have gone at least to OT with if Narduzzi isnt a moron. UCF is still in the top 25 and still in the run for a NY6 Bowl. Have fun listening to your own bitching when UCF is still good this year and for years to come. Your salt over UCF is hilarious.
  5. You do realize that UF plays in conference against teams with smaller stadiums right?
  6. UF never made an offer to UCF. The UF AD said he would consider a 2-0-1 with UCF and UCF countered with 3 different ways to play games.
  7. Stop dodging the question and just answer it; it's very simple. Which rule says there is one championship game for FBS?
  8. Don't dodge the question. Which rule says there is one championship?
  9. Man, you are horrendously uneducated when it comes to College Football. Colley is an NCAA Major Selector; which means no matter how much you, or anyone else, cries about it, UCF are 2017 National Champs.
  10. Colley is and the NCAA record book. And no, we are talking about it because the rule has always been there and used multiples of times before UCF used it and everyone got upset that UCF was the latest one to use it. And I seem to remember a recent National Champion doing worse than a one score game and losing against an 8-win, middle of the pack ACC team Pittsburgh. Lol
  11. The most hilarious part about you wasting your time to make up these points, none of them matter to the actual rules. UCF went undefeated and was ranked #1 by an NCAA Major Selector which makes them a National Champ for 2017.
  12. Just saying, pretty sure Cocoa is 2-3 against teams west of Pensacola. And I can't remember any teams OOS Cocoa has played that have been a smaller school than Cocoa.
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