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  1. 21 would be pretty incredible since the team only had 31 players.
  2. Where Is the Talent in Orlando/Brevard in 2019?

    According to 247 Cocoa has 3: Holmes - 4**** Leonard - 3*** Freeman - 3***
  3. Cocoa has five players entering the NFL draft in 2019

    Ronald Patrick also made it in the NFL for a few years as well.
  4. Freedom Bowl games

    Cocoa HC Ryan Schneider tweeted out an image of the Freedom Bowl games.
  5. Willie must go...

    This kind of fair-weather fanning is hilariously blind to the reality of the roster.
  6. Cocoa has five players entering the NFL draft in 2019

    Who are the other 2? Chauncey, Jawaan, Jamel, ?, and ?.
  7. Cocoa vs Raines

    lmfao the play-calling sucked the entire game. I could have play-called a TD drive within the redzone with 4 plays.
  8. Cocoa vs Raines

    They need someone else calling plays.
  9. Cocoa vs Raines

    Cocoa should have won this game by multiple TDs.
  10. Cocoa vs Raines

    That was literally the worst coaching and playcalling I have ever seen. The only reason Cocoa made it to this game was on pure talent.
  11. Counties with Most Public School State Champions

    What county with multiple school titles has the highest coverage within the county?
  12. Most dominant teams by margin of victory

    Probably not the most or close but Cocoa from 2008-2010 was pretty consistent in beating teams soundly. 2008: 521 Points For/155 Points Against, MoV: 24.4 2009: 515 Points For/106 Points Against, MoV: 29.2 2010: 389 Points For/ 92 Points Against, MoV: 21.2
  13. Inside the Numbers: Regional Quarterfinals Edition

    This has to be the first time Cocoa hasn't played in the first week of the playoffs in almost 2 decades.
  14. 2018 playoff bold predictions

    Prediction: More than 1 Brevard County team makes the State Finals.
  15. 10 Toughest Teams to Play at Home in the Playoffs

    I know Cocoa is 22-2 at home going back to the 2008 season.