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  1. That's the problem with lake city to much buddy buddy here, I wouldn't care if lee was a good team there not good and its embarrassing how Columbia looked last night.
  2. I hope they do have a good team next year I just dont believe in the coach. I'm pretty sure this year Columbia was one of the favorites out of 6a north before the year started. Anyway we ain't gonna agree on the coach I think we need someone new and you think he should stay and that's cool, I'll be in the stands just like every year regardless who the coach is.
  3. So you dont think columbia should have got points from the 2 yard line? Or how about the delay of game on the first offensive play in overtime when they had plenty of time on the sideline to get a play ready, but hell no he just blames the refs for the penalty. And who cares if you make the playoffs when you lose first or second round almost every year. And I think next year might be rough.
  4. That's every year, like I said they need to clean house and start over. When you have 1st and goal at the lee 2 and cant score any points nothing else needs to be said.
  5. The first half of the year yes but it seemed every week they got worse. When u cant even line up right theres no way you can execute the play, and that's on the coach. Everyone I was sitting with at the game was like do they even practice these plays.
  6. This lee team is horrible on offense, so if escambia can score it should be a 14 to 21 point win.
  7. Well all I know is this coaching staff ain't getting it done. That was a hard game to watch.
  8. They could get a middle school coach and it wouldn't be a downgrade. So your telling me this was a well coached team?
  9. Columbia needs to clean house, this was the worst coached game I've ever seen.
  10. Colquitt is the best team they will see by far. The tigers where healthy for 1 game, the best dt got hurt in the first half against oakleaf. And they stuffed the run against trinity with him playing. Theres just no depth at dt.
  11. I dont think theres much to correct. A cornerback was playing linebacker last night d-ends are playing d-tackle, if they dont get some players back on defense the offense is gonna have to play perfect to win.
  12. I've heard around lake city they barely have enough players on defense to play.
  13. I will be surprised if they make it out of the 1st round. The offense is gonna have to play really good.
  14. The backup d-tackles are hurt too. The rb for north marion weighed more than everyone on our d-line. I'm just stating facts, I guess facts are excuses.
  15. I guess it's not an excuse, but in high school when you have 2 of your best players go out its gonna make a big difference. Lake city dont get alot of transfers so they cant just put someone else in. There was basically 5 starters out last night. Tell what team can win against a good team with that many players out?
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