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  1. Josh, could you please explain this?????????? What are we getting that the old system wouldn't have given us?????????? If you say that the new @FHSAA point system hasn't worked, take a look at some of the state championship and state semifinal games we are going to have the next two weeks... incredible what we are getting here
  2. Please explain to me how the new point system created matchups that the old system did not. Josh you tweeted this weekend how excited you were that the new system has created some great semifinal and state championship matchups. My question is which ones did it create that the old system wouldn't have created?
  3. still no pick em results from almost 2 weeks ago?
  4. when will we get the results from pick em that was 6 days ago. good night? and this site wants to do more sports?
  5. but that is not the way it works. sad
  6. we have a home school student that wants to play a sport at our school (I guess our sports are good enough for the family since our A/B school isnt). the student athlete was a student of ours until March of this year. When he/she withdrew, they went to home school through virtual school. since last March the student has only enrolled into 2 virtual classes. The most he/she has finished is 5% in one of the classes. In March when the student left our school he/she had a 2.4 GPA. So the question is, Is he/she eligible to play sports this year? The answer is yes. Because
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