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  1. Though I think Simmons transfered last off-season (I think to TCA) only to go back to Lee in the summer
  2. Yeah I saw Robert Simmons is at sandalwood now and he a 4 star CB I don't think he that good TBH but still a significant loss being he was a starter in that Lee secondary and with Bates and Mercy graduating it will hurt Lee Unless Lee gets these kids back they won't win district
  3. And many coaches and AD's have the same feeling and that's why when it was offered last cycle to remove the district champs getting top 4 guaranteed they fought it But if you feel that way you can't them turn around and say the fhsaa isn't ensuring the best matchups are taking place if you also want the district champs to be guaranteed a top 4 seed, just the reality of it (yes I know you didn't say that specifically yourself, I'm just pointing out the flaw in the line of thinking when people out there try to play both ends of the fence) Just like many of us knew when the Miami district of death was around that Miami Central, Miami Northwestern and Carol City were the best 3 teams in the entire region but only one would have a seed in the top 4
  4. 1 Santa Fe Catholic 25-2 2 Forest Hill 25-2 3 Bartow 25-1 4 Orlando Christian Prep 24-2 5 St Andrews 21-5 6 Sanford Seminole 23-4 7 University School 18-6 8 Westminster Academy 19-8 9 Chaminade Madonna 19-8 10 Mater Academy 23-4 11 East Lake 23-3 12 Dillard 20-7 13 Andrew Jackson 21-3 14 Paxon 22-5 15 Pine Crest 19-6 16 Northeast (Oakland Park) 20-6 17 Pembroke Pines Charter 22-2 18 Gulliver Prep 21-6 19 Stranahan 19-9 20 South Miami 21-5 21 North Florida Educational Institution 22-4 22 Miramar 19-6 23 Dwyer 22-4 24 Tampa Catholic 22-5 25 Columbia 25-2 26 Lee 21-4 27 Riviera Prep 22-6 28 Windermere Prep 25-3 29 Choctawhatchee 21-6 30 Lake Nona 21-5 Others receiving consideration: Schoolhouse Prep 17-8 Central Florida Christian Academy 20-7 Grandview Prep 18-7 Lake Highland Prep 21-6 Oak Ridge 18-8 North Miami 15-6 Sagemont 19-8 Doral Academy 17-7 Deerfield Beach 15-7 Florida High 20-6 Fleming Island 19-8 Blanche Ely 11-13 Lincoln 22-5 Wharton 24-3 Sickles 20-7 Dr Phillips 19-7 Apopka 18-9 Osceola 19-7 Forest 20-7 Eastside 20-7 Lakewood 23-5 Windermere 19-8 The Villages Charter 20-6 Mainland 17-10 Sarasota Riverview 23-5 Bishop Kenny 22-4 Seminole 18-5 Providence 18-9 Wildwood 20-7 Mosley 21-5 Rutherford 21-6 Mount Dora Christian 26-1 Calvary Christian 20-7 Impact Christian 15-7 Wellington 21-6 Pensacola 19-5 Leesburg 16-9 Jones 15-10 North Broward Prep 18-10 George Jenkins 19-8 Hawthorne 21-3 Lakewood Ranch 18-7 Winter Haven 22-8 Bolles 18-8 Western 16-7 Charlotte 19-8 Vero Beach 17-8 Park Vista 19-6 Lakeland 19-8 Boyd Anderson 16-11 Westminster Christian 18-8 Martin County 22-3 Palatka 19-7 Berkeley Prep 22-4 Jesuit 22-6 Rickards 16-7 Belen Jesuit 17-10
  5. Do you still think I had Columbia too high after they beat 20th ranked in the state Lincoln (maxpreps) to win a district Championship while down 2 starters with injury? Said it before, I'll say it again Nobody knows Columbia better than me, if I put them somewhere or give insight on them there's always a reason behind it
  6. I said they were solid because one, Middleburg is a very weak athletic program overall so when I compare how baseball did to their other sports they do look a lot better, funny that you usually bash me because I never give other teams credit but when I give a team credit for once you still complain, why did I not boost the right team for your ego? And the other reason is despite Sharing a district with Columbia, Gainesville and Oakleaf for much of the decade they were able to hang with those teams in their better years and those 3 have been solid baseball programs up here in North Florida Is Middleburg good on a state level? No But they were a solid team in this area in terms of being able in several of those years (even when finishing below .500) to compete with other solid teams Like in 2016 when they went into Gainesville after being winless in districts during the season and knocked off the 1 seed Gainesville in the district tournament, and yes I watched this game live
  7. And before you try and put some lie out there I have seen Middleburg play against teams not named Columbia!
  8. And how many games of Middleburg baseball did you watch this past decade?
  9. Middleburg is also starting to get better in softball and was a solid baseball team this past decade
  10. Rockledge, Viera and Melbourne are also solid in softball ain't they?
  11. Suwannee is very good in baseball but is average to subpar in basically every other sport Fort White is decent in football and baseball but rest of the sports are terrible right now In terms of my area; Columbia, Madison and Baker County are all pretty balanced in their sports and have sports that are competitive in fall, winter and spring
  12. Same thing with NFEI up here in Jacksonville Impact Christian same way
  13. I probably am one of smartest people in Lake City And yes it is possible for every conference to suck
  14. And yes Florida is special, no state produces talent like Florida (see top recruited state thread) We are the best and the other states wish they had the talent Florida did, if it wasn't for the state legislation intentionally trying to kill public education in Florida then we would have much better funding and resources to work with and those other states wouldn't be able to keep up in any form (besides maybe fanbases but that issue is completely out of our control as a state for many reasons I'm not opening a can of worms on for the millionth time) So your damn right Florida is special
  15. Being the best out of a garbage pool doesn't mean you are actually good Just speaks to a lack of good depth
  16. It makes perfect sense The other conferences being garbage don't mean the SEC is good, how good or bad the other conferences are is completely irrelevant when judging the strength of the SEC Just like people on here claimed that Florida HS football was down because the top teams weren't as good, so how can that logic apply for Florida HS football but it's considered ridiculous when I apply that logic to the SEC
  17. I never said they weren't the best conference, I said they were best by default of the other conferences being worse That doesn't mean the SEC is good, they just the best out of a weak and shallow pond
  18. You may be able to find them on YouTube, I haven't checked recently but ik I found all of last year games on YouTube
  19. No surprise Florida comes in top spot as should be expected
  20. Is that why several years back a few of those so called panhandle powerhouses requested to move down to 6a when they were gonna be assigned to a Tallahassee district which left that Tallahassee district as a 3 team district??
  21. First fix they need is drop a class (or 2) You don't need 8 classifications Second change You don't need 4 regions in 1-4a 2 regions would be better format Hell they can do 8 teams per region so 16 per class which takes playoff teams from 24 to 16 in 1-4a
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