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  1. Actually it would have been Lee County that ended up in metro not Polk Ironically Lee County had 2 people voting in their favor and Seminole county has zero
  2. If Columbia ever got turf they could hold the suburban one After all tiger stadium has more seating than Gene Cox does
  3. Gainesville doesn't want it and the only stadium in Gainesville they could use would be UF stadium and the finals coincides with the fall graduation so they wouldn't have availability that weekend
  4. Columbia QB club and coaches both asked the same thing
  5. Middleburg had 15 or so transfers and Columbia still beat them We gotta keep up with other cheaters but we still don't go overboard, only 3 transfers on this team
  6. To be fair Columbia was down a 3* WR that game and turned it over 4 times Game probably goes much different if played now
  7. It can be if you know who actually has credibility and who's just talking out of their ass
  8. I'm surprised you even post on a board who allows a certain liars on there like lowndes punk 96, lying router, ambient Finchi and crying RedCajun to run wild just because they are stuck in their ways and don't respect anyone else to begin with it's also sad when liars are given immunity just because they won't post on a rival board that's the type of stuff that makes me have no interest whatsoever in posting there
  9. Absolutely Though Miami Central controls their own destiny Beat Lakewood and AHP and they will likely have a national championship in at least 1 poll
  10. https://www.nationalhsfb.com/topic/518-the-hunt-for-the-nationalhsfbcom-mnc/#comment-16485
  11. With Mater Dei losing to SJB it seems likely that Miami Central could have just put themselves in a position to win not just a state title but a national title this season Looking over on National HS football the path is open and based on what I've been told at least one national poll next week will have Miami Central #1 nationally
  12. But Josh if you like everyone else haven't seen the formula how can you be certain that margin of victory was the only thing changed? The problem is when you have an organization that goes and takes a route that basically removed any transparency and ability to double check the work it's hard for me to blindly trust them We had math errors on the point system and RPI because the FHSAA put the wrong information down and it was discovered by the schools tracking it as well and getting it corrected We can't double check this system either which raises another problem about how do we know someone didn't get screwed out of the playoffs because the FHSAA put the wrong info down on a team, there were some very close races for playoff spots and seeding
  13. I still think the FHSAA went and lowered the effect of SOS on the formula without telling anyone After all if nobody but the FHSAA and MaxPreps have access to the formula THERE IS NO WAY TO KNOW WHAT WAS CHANGED FOR CERTAIN
  14. Well the FHSAA rankings exposed that it will favor record SIGNIFICANTLY higher than SOS going forward so it will be harder for good teams to find games #3 team in 3S was Lake Wales which has the 24th out of 25th highest SOS in the 3S Top 25 (MaxPreps) And I can guarantee you that if you abolish districts there will be teams who will struggle to fill a schedule
  15. Well I'm gonna take the ballsy move anyway I've seen all the talk Lake Wales and Polk County been doing on Twitter and writing this in as a easy win for Lake Wales so I'm gonna prove just how confident I am in Columbia Forget the original bet, I will put my Columbiafan moniker on this site on the line on Columbia beating Lake Wales because if I can't beat an overrated and overconfident Highlander team than I don't deserve to post with that name anymore on this site and I will gladly take the moniker with the most posts and likes in Florida HS Football.com history and walk into retirement Lake Wales thinks they can end Columbia but we aren't some JV team, Columbia has 715 program wins on its back and if they think they will disrespect us and talk about how they gonna walk over Columbia they will learn the hard way what Lincoln, Escambia and Choctawhatchee have already learned this postseason
  16. If they did that in the future it would be more an open bowl series (similar to CA) so you still have metro and suburban "state champs" but they would then play in a bowl game
  17. Where's that @Floridaatlantic1guy who said Naples would cruise to a state title? Columbia still alive Pine Forest gone Rockledge gone Naples gone
  18. And that's your opinion which you have a right to even though I'll never agree with it but I at least respect the fact you are consistent with it Personally I feel the postseason has more transparency with the seeding and I like knowing based on where my team is seeded what games we would host without having to check the flipped bracket variable every week and all the combustion of it Regardless that seems to be set for all sports going forward and they don't plan to go back as most teams prefer having seeding to reward teams for their entire season performance
  19. People always want to get on their high horse and talk about teams having to EARN their playoff spot by being top 2 in a district but are wanting to flip their argument to teams being entitled to a host right because of some archaic system of flipping the bracket each year when it was just as easy to have a seeding system like now (even if it can be argued if RPI or point system was just as effective while being more transparent) You have seeding at every level of college or pro sports and it works so why would it not work in high school?
  20. I point it out because it's a perfect example of why top/bottom failed as a "seeding system" and should have been changed
  21. What I would be curious about is if someone from GA can explain their postseason bracket as you have teams traveling across the state every round because of some weird setup but it allows for teams in the same county to play in the finals if they survive the gauntlet
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