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  1. Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 4

    They will be on rise when they actually beat someone good, beating cupcakes will leave you just staying put in same general area Suwannee was most overrated team in the entire North Central region and Madison gave up 28 points to them at home As I said got to knock off some good teams to prove you belong in the top 25 zone
  2. Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 4

    1 Lakeland 7a (4-0) 2 Miami Central 6a (3-1) 3 Miami Northwestern 5a (3-1) 4 St Thomas Aquinas 7a (2-0) 5 Columbia 6a (4-0) 6 Miami Carol City 4a (2-2) 7 Edgewater 7a (4-0) 8 South Dade 8a (3-0) 9 Miami Washington 4a (3-1) 10 Atlantic Delray 7a (2-0) 11 Rockledge 5a (3-0) 12 Deerfield Beach 8a (2-2) 13 Armwood 7a (2-1) 14 Cocoa 4a (2-1) 15 Cardinal Gibbons 4a (3-1) 16 Gulliver Prep 4a (4-0) 17 Bartram Trail 8a (4-0) 18 Miami Palmetto 8a (3-1) 19 Jones 5a (3-1) 20 North Marion 5a (3-0) 21 Chaminade Madonna 3a (3-1) 22 Flagler Palm Coast 8a (3-0) 23 Vero Beach 8a (2-0) 24 Sanford Seminole 8a (3-0) 25 Columbus 8a (2-2) 26 Lake Wales 5a (4-0) 27 Naples 6a (4-0) 28 Venice 7a (2-1) 29 Palm Beach Lakes 7a (3-0) 30 Oakleaf 8a (3-1) 31 American Heritage Plantation 5a (3-1) 32 McArthur 7a (1-1) 33 Escambia 6a (3-0) 34 Wekiva 7a (3-0) 35 Viera 7a (1-1) 36 Mandarin 8a (2-1) 37 Deland 8a (1-1) 38 University School 4a (3-1) 39 Western 8a (2-1) 40 Dillard 6a (4-0) 41 Mainland 6a (1-1) 42 Madison County 1a (4-0) 43 Lee 6a (2-1) 44 Trinity Christian 3a (1-3) 45 Wakulla 5a (4-0) 46 Champagnat Catholic 2a (3-1) 47 Raines 5a (1-2) 48 Palm Beach Gardens 8a (3-0) 49 Dunnellon 5a (4-0) 50 Vanguard 5a (2-1) Next (30) in no specific order Lincoln 7a (3-1) Sandalwood 8a (3-0) Spruce Creek 8a (1-1) Orange Park 5a (2-1) Niceville 7a (4-0) Pine Forest 5a (1-2) Navarre 7a (3-1) Ponte Vedra 6a (3-0) Baker County 5a (2-1) Fleming Island 7a (3-0) Berkeley Prep 3a (4-0) Apopka 8a (2-0) Tampa Bay Tech 7a (4-0) Palmetto 6a (4-0) Lake Gibson 6a (4-0) Gaither 6a (4-0) Auburndale 6a (3-1) Dr Phillips 8a (2-1) Tampa Catholic 4a (3-1) Treasure Coast 8a (2-0) Plantation 7a (3-0) Bishop Verot 3a (4-0) Miami Edison 3a (3-1) South Fort Myers 6a (3-0) Benjamin 3a (3-0) Cardinal Newman 3a (2-0) Glades Central 4a (2-2) Park Vista 8a (2-1) Palm Beach Central 8a (2-1) American Heritage Delray 4a (2-1)
  3. 78 Florida High School Rivalries

    OSL Interesting bringing up Fort White vs Santa Fe with the battle for the paddle As a side note that rivalry was recently brought back after a hiatus but interesting enough the paddle was not on the line since the rivalry was brought back
  4. Pick em (badbird woes)

    Again they could beat bama and Clemson during season and the NCAA (playoff committee formed to pay for Mark Emmett to buy a 5th yacht) will not let UCF in no matter who they beat It's a money thing
  5. Need Help with RPI

    So say Oakleaf went 9-1 with Columbia being only loss They would be treated as a 100% winning percentage when calculating the records of Columbia opponents?
  6. Jambun etc, assess this penalty call by the officials

    Dun dun dun
  7. Pick em (badbird woes)

    Maybe but Stanford does have a prestige to it so perhaps that may help them (even though this Stanford team isn't that good)
  8. Pick em (badbird woes)

    Well I feel like last year they deserved it more than Notre Dame but the NCAA won't allow a group of 5 team to get in because they want all 4 teams in playoffs to be big brands to ensure they maximize profit in the 3 games during the playoffs They don't want to risk a group of 5 team making the finals because it would mean lower viewership (and money) which is another reason they are hesitant to add more teams to playoffs The more teams involved the less control the NCAA has over who makes finals which can guarantee them the largest profit
  9. Pick em (badbird woes)

    You think so? I personally think the fact they aren't in a power 5 conference (or have a bunch of Championships from a million years ago like Notre Dame) they will not be given a chance no matter how much they win, they could beat Clemson and bama by 35 and would still get left out by the NCAA, oh I mean playoff committee LMAO
  10. Pick em (badbird woes)

    Yeah but most those schools claiming fake titles usually do it at end of the season Not the beginning LMAO
  11. Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 4

    Btw I'll say this as well If you hate my rankings so much or think i do such a crap job, do your own damn rankings I put in hours each week when I could be doing plenty of other stuff, if you don't agree with something that's one thing but to imply i have no idea what I'm talking about or that i didn't put in effort is a load of bullshit considering I don't see anyone else on this entire forum doing a statewide rankings even up to 25 and I've been ranking 80 teams Even if you don't agree with what i did you can at least show respect for the effort i put into my rankings!
  12. Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 4

    Just because a team resides in SFL don't mean they are any good Most these "crap" North Florida teams as you describe them would blast teams like Piper and Northeast Just because those 2 are in South Florida don't mean they are any damn good
  13. Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 4

    Oh really and who might that be??? Most you all on here are still under the thought process that teams like STA and AHP are unbeatable And I'm gonna do my rankings, and I don't need nobody damn permission to post it either Want Dillard to be ranked higher? Prove it against someone ranked higher Btw the records of Dillard opponents 3-10 Piper and Northeast winless (0-3) Miramar 2-2 Pahokee 1-2 Only Miramar is even at .500 I can think of tons of schedules a hell a lot tougher in a lot of these teams ranked ahead of them
  14. Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 4

    You mean same TCA team who played AHP closer than Pace and Miramar did? The same TCA who took state ranked Venice to double OT? Who else has blown TCA out so far besides Columbia? Exactly
  15. Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 4

    It's simple beating teams who are ranked high pushes you higher up Dillard didn't drop in the SFL regional rankings, what happened was teams behind them had more impressive wins this week and as a result jumped ahead on the statewide level because several teams lower ended up winning over high ranked teams and as a result they jumped higher but I'm not gonna drop someone like Columbus out of top 50 because they lost to 2 teams in the top 10 Once Dillard beats someone ranked high they will jump up the rankings but beating a team like Pahokee who is dropping rapidly and beating a weak Northeast team is not gonna boost them anywhere The only somewhat good team they have played so far was Miramar and they struggled and as a result didn't show enough to boost them to a higher tier Another common misconception, the rankings are based on performance and quality of wins, not who has more talent on paper or whether or not they would be more talented than a team on another part of the state Otherwise I would be stuck having to justify ranking someone like Miami Norland who may go 3-7 or 4-6 most years over teams who are beating the teams they play, just because a team isn't in a strong area of the state don't mean I'm gonna just completely discount them and besides if I started ranking those losing teams he would be on here complaining about me not caring about records in the rankings, just like he felt a team like Boyd Anderson should make playoffs at 5-5 playing a miserable weak schedule over a Miami Norland team who went 4-6 playing a murders row schedule Like come on!
  16. When do you go for 2?

    I do think there are some teams (mostly middle school or high school level) who will go for 2 simply because they don't have someone who can kick even a XP Sometimes that's just the hand some teams are given
  17. Northeast forfeit the dam game in 3rd Qt Dillard 42-0 dillard moves to 4-0

    My thoughts exactly Look i feel sorry for Northeast for being a struggling program but under no instance (outside of maybe a sideline/locker room medical emergency) can I stand by and defend a team who don't finish a game out Being outmatched is not a excuse to quit playing, if they were concerned about injuries then don't take the field to begin with like you mentioned If they are in this bad a shape then perhaps they should try joining a conference or going independent because they are obviously not able to fulfill their obligations as a fhsaa member school
  18. Northeast forfeit the dam game in 3rd Qt Dillard 42-0 dillard moves to 4-0

    Ok I get Northeast is a struggling program but walking out on a game is a shit move I'm sorry The FHSAA should bring hammer down on these teams who can't finish a game out
  19. When do you go for 2?

    This is probably what i would call a loaded question because in all honesty it depends on a lot of factors In the general sense though and from my experience (both as a volunteer/fan/media at Columbia) I'm used to seeing Coach Allen being very aggressive with these type of play calls as they go for 2pts many times when situations come up and we probably go for it on 4th down at least 3 or 4 times a game and more times then not it works out Even when we fail to pick it up I can understand why we did it and normally feel it's the right call, I feel that the more aggressive the play calling the more pressure you place on your opponent and because of that I feel in most cases that going for it on 4th down or 2pt conversions are generally a good move to make but like stated above it's not whether going aggressive is right decision, it's about do you make the right play call for that play As long as the coach has a good play in place for those situations that generally works I think it is the right move
  20. Who Made Statements This Weekend?

    Sounds like they will be our toughest test of regular season
  21. Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 4

    The next 30 is simply me taking the 10 teams from each region (I broke it down into 3 regions; North, Central and South) The next 30 is just a list not a specific order
  22. Who Made Statements This Weekend?

    I don't suppose you have any interest in coming up to Lake City that week so I can find out more about Atlantic before we take field with them lol
  23. Who Made Statements This Weekend?

    They look to be flying under radar this year
  24. Who Made Statements This Weekend?

    Thought Escambia would have been best in panhandle
  25. Who Made Statements This Weekend?

    Well I'll definitely keep a eye on that game If they beat Chaminade then Atlantic will likely be undefeated when we play them October 18th