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  1. And speaking of Frier I will point out despite what some liars in Live Oak are claiming he is actually a Lake City kid and Columbia didn't resort to recruiting to get him to play at Columbia
  2. That will be Columbia last close game until the playoffs I think they will blow out the next 4 teams on the schedule honestly
  3. There was blown calls on both sides and how come you never sent me the message to meet up lol? TCA good but I'm not sure how they can match up with Chaminade but we will see as the year goes on
  4. Perhaps but in what logic would a 4-6 team hosting a 9-1 team make any sense if both won district Heck the 9-1 team (Columbia) actually was undefeated in their district in 2015 yet still had to travel to Lincoln who only got in on a shootout in a 3 team district while being 4-6 and Columbia already beating Lincoln in Tallahassee that season That's the type of stuff that happened in the flip every year system
  5. Yeah but even if the starting point is gone by the end isn't a team with a significantly higher starting point still gonna have an advantage especially if they go undefeated? I definitely was okay with pinkos rankings RIP pinkos, overall I think while there's not a perfect system I still wish there was one where we actually knew what went into it and have one that isn't directly influenced by past seasons Also as @gatorman-ufpointed out the fact that University School who didn't even play last year finished top 25 I'm not buying that previous seasons get completely removed by the end
  6. The biggest issue I have with MaxPreps is they use the previous season rankings as a start point so last year results will allow some teams who could finish with similar resumes and records but the team with higher start point will be convincingly ahead in the seeding It should be on the current season only
  7. Yes but at least RPI isn't influenced by the previous season Isn't that one of the biggest complaints that people had with the point system that was used prior to RPI?
  8. If someone can come up with a system that does the two things I listed still then I'm open to hearing ideas but I don't want either aspect going backwards As long as we have wild cards instead of runner ups guaranteed and have playoff seeding then I'm open to any idea they can do to change it and make it better
  9. I can guarantee you if the game is in Lake City instead of Gene Cox in Tallahassee you get a better gate in Lake City because Lincoln doesn't have as hardcore a fanbase considering the last 3 times Columbia went to Lincoln in the playoffs Columbia had more fans than Lincoln
  10. That field was always a dump and I told anyone who would listen that citizens field needs a turf field If Tallahassee could get Gene Cox a turf field someone in Gainesville should be able to get a turf field for citizens
  11. If my team is undefeated or one loss I would want them hosting every round because then my school would get big time gate since our fans don't show up that well during the regular season so every road playoff game is less money into the program that is trying to keep up with other schools facilities
  12. I don't trust MaxPreps because it's influenced by last season and teams should be judged on the season in question I feel home field should be earned not handed and I will never support a system that makes any regular season game meaningless, I like the idea that my team in a non conference game could cost someone else a trip to the playoffs because I know any team out there would be glad to do it to my school If the roles were reversed I would have liked to seen the RPI system in place with the metro suburban change to see if it did it's job, in fact I wish RPI was in place for every sport as MaxPreps rankings are garbage
  13. Having that enabled a system where an undefeated team or 1 loss team had to travel to a sub .500 district champ which all but proved how little the regular season actually meant At that point teams may as well throw non conference games and lose intentionally because they gain ABSOLUTELY NOTHING by trying to win any non district game
  14. I can tell you right now looking at my own team district the second place team is not a top 8 team in the region and doesn't deserve a playoff spot even if it was my team If Columbia doesn't beat all 3 district opponents then they don't deserve to be in the playoffs Getting rid of automatic qualifications for runner ups and having a seeded playoffs are both massive improvements
  15. Why? To reward the second best team in a crappy 3 team district Not every district deserves 2 teams and whenever we had that system there WAS NO SEEDING WHICH IS ANOTHER STUPID ASPECT OF THE OLD SYSTEM
  16. There was nothing wrong with the RPI that was used last year The problems that arise from it were caused by the crappy region setups they used So many regions that were too small caused bad teams to get in, I've said for years that 1A should have been changed to 2 regions instead of 4 especially since they don't even have districts Why do they think that is too difficult for them to understand?
  17. Though I guess I'll add my list too (but I'll include other sports so I can add to the county list since I can make up more ground doing so) Columbia county (obviously) Suwannee County (obviously) Hamilton County (not for football but I have in another sport) Lowndes County (now in 2 sports thanks to my trip up there for FL vs GA challenge and I still want to eventually see the winnersville classic) Madison County (in 2 sports and ironically was the first game I ever drove to solo but was also first game I drove to in carpool though both experiences were in the second sport as I had already been there for football) Leon County (in 2 sports as well) Escambia County (Columbia vs Escambia) Alachua County (in 4 different sports plus additionally 3 of those same sports at the college level including the SEC tournament for softball this past season and even saw a NCAA regional the year prior and I even saw Buchholz vs Cardinal Gibbons last year) Gilchrist County (not in football but I've been to games at Trenton and Bell in other sports but I have seen their football stadium on my trip there) Dixie County (not for football but I've seen the stadium) Union County (for 2 sports both of which came this calendar year) Clay County (multiple teams across 3 sports) Bradford County (not football but I've seen their stadium everytime I've driven by for another sport) Marion County (saw Vanguard vs Columbia at booster stadium) Duval County (seen plenty of games in this county across 2 sports. Most interesting atmospheres were Bolles, TCA, Riverside and Fletcher) St John's County (been here in 2 different sports and Bartram and Ponte Vedra are both the two most interesting atmospheres I've been to so far but I also enjoyed my trip to St Augustine in the 2013 playoffs when it was raining all game) Nassau County (not for football but made my trip to a game in March of 2020, crazy how badly I would miss those trips a week later) Orange County (saw Columbia vs Apopka and I loved the feel of that game and stadium, if I'm ever in the Orlando area on a Friday I'll need to hook up with @DarterBlue2and catch a game there when I can sit on the Apopka side, I pull for Apopka when they ain't playing Columbia because of how much respect they earned from me when we played that 2 year series) Manatee County (Columbia vs IMG Academy. The result speaks for itself though the biggest surprise to me was seeing what looked like a Texas style facilities walking in and seeing no bleachers on the home side and then seeing an out of shape team for what I was expecting to be a national powerhouse. Also met @nolebull813at this game)
  18. May have another trip up to Lake City after I win our bet Maybe you shouldn't have set the bar so low on the win total because if they find a way to upset TCA tomorrow we will reach the mark with 2 games to spare in the regular season
  19. I definitely respect the fact Treasure Coast is willing to step up and play tough competition and even travel to SFL Hell when's the last time Vero Beach ever played a road game in Broward or Dade outside of the playoffs?
  20. Honestly I didn't think Price Harris is the problem at Madison Based on what I saw the biggest thing was Columbia basically took advantage of Madison lack of size on the DL and just pounded them play after play and wore them down I told people on the sideline that the ironic thing is Columbia basically beat Madison with a taste of their own medicine and beat them the same way Madison beats all the 1a teams over the years and that's using the depth to wear them down and just pound the fight out of them, they have some athletes but Columbia game planned to hold them in check for most of the night and even when Madison got into the RedZone they couldn't pull the trigger I feel like Madison County can compete in 1R but they don't look like the favorite this season. Columbia if they played Union the same way we played Madison would have won but I'm not sure we shut Union out. We will see tomorrow against TCA just how far Columbia has come since that Union County game
  21. I dropped them in mine and while creekside isn't bad they are lower ranked than Buchholz and Buchholz blowing teams out was the biggest thing boosting their rankings You see this sometimes even in college polls how a team may fall a few spots if the struggle with a lower ranked team Was it something like that @nolebull813
  22. https://northflnews.com/week-4-high-school-football-rankings/
  23. TCA is probably the last remaining team on the schedule that will challenge Columbia, overall I think it will come down to Columbia building off of last week and winning the turnover battle Through this season they won the turnover battle last 2 weeks and won the game, they lost the turnover battle the first 2 weeks and lost
  24. I think the funniest part was when Madison fans basically kicked him out because they got tired of him making them look bad
  25. Okay that I do agree with That's the biggest reason I would not favor a promotion regulation system as one if you stick the top division with 64 "top" teams you will have maybe 5-10 who actually have a shot at winning and the others are punished for being good not elite teams while someone far weaker will win division B and act like they better than division A teams As for the current system I could argue the top teams in 4S would compete or even beat the 4M winner so there will be instances if this sticks around long enough the suburban champ will be better than metro Tbh I think we are arguing in FAVOR of the same thing with metro/suburban being a step in the right direction
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