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  1. If I came across the information I would because unlike some media up here I have no reason to hide it It ain't salty, it's pointing out the incompetence of the people who want to claim transfers are only happening in SFL but this thread has shown a ton of north Florida transfers but notice the difference The north Florida transfers for the most part have been posted either as a list or by showing a direct link to a Twitter page of the athlete while in SFL there is actually media transparent enough to report on it
  2. BuT TrAnSfErS OnLy HaPpEn iN SoUtH FlOrIdA LMAO
  3. The one in Lake Worth I think is pretty good in baseball though
  4. The one I just posted was from the Jacksonville one Ik there are 3 schools in Florida called Trinity Christian but in terms of football only one is a powerhouse (Jacksonville one)
  5. I agree with that I don't even try and assume why, I only report the where
  6. People always have an agenda It's all about seeing if they are honest enough to recognize when they are missing information and admit it Some will some won't I saw a lot of sarcasm when I did the transfer thread but I put in time with it to prove a point, people chastise programs like STA, AHP, Cardinal Gibbons, Bolles and TCA for getting transfers but there are publics in their own area getting more and these teams are celebrated for "building a program from the ground up" In reality Cardinal Gibbons for example has probably gotten less transfe
  7. That's just the way it is A CEO would stab an employee in the back in the heartbeat for a better position for himself, you don't work up the corporate ladder without turning on your coworkers just as you don't get to be an NFL head coach without leaving behind a lot of kids We see tons of coaches leave for better paying jobs but we expect the kids to be loyal when the adults around them won't be? Ik many people see athletes as objects of their entertainment like certain people out there who tell them to "shut up and play" but these athletes are HUMAN BEINGS
  8. You may be right that it is the last week I still need to find confirmation on it
  9. Well I know that sometimes rivalries get moved around if there is a schedule conflict so no game is guaranteed to always be the last week which is why I asked I have no doubts it's on the schedule but I do want to find out for sure when it is
  10. Anyone know when this game happening as I don't see it on either teams schedule on MaxPreps and I haven't seen any schedule release on Twitter for either team
  11. I see scrimmages as something you do on a practice field in front of maybe a few parents against your team or another one The moment you take the field on a stadium it is something much different but hey what do I know Most people on this board think they have all the answers so they can continue to believe whatever they want to believe
  12. Do they actually have a QB now because I remember in the spring game I think they used a RB/WR at QB? Also any idea how the teams in St John's county looking at this stage
  13. Good catch It was tough when they didn't give any information
  14. Though Dillard is projected to start at the highest they have ever started in one of my preseason polls currently so I definitely ain't bashing them
  15. I brought it up because earlier this off-season you lumped Cardinal Gibbons into the list of other powerhouse schools who have loaded up on transfers when in reality unless they have really kept them quiet they have probably lost as many transfers as they have gained this off-season I don't have an exact number for Dillard in front of me but people I've spoken to and have been tracking it had a higher number than that, if I find an exact number I'll post it but Dillard ain't loading up like the publics who have gotten double digits so they aren't that bad But I do know
  16. I'm willing to meet anyone on this board who's willing to come up to Lake City for a game lol
  17. I owe you too darter for whenever you come back up to Lake City And your welcome to bring Dan along since I didn't get to meet him when he came up for basketball
  18. 2024 RB Rod Gainey transfers from Tampa Bay Tech to IMG Academy
  19. I don't have an exact number but ik Dillard has gotten more than Cardinal Gibbons have for what it's worth
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