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  1. Maxpreps says this game isnt till next week?
  2. I know, would just figure the other half would be a bit more pre-occupied right now. Zing.
  3. Palm Bay 17 Santaluces 0 HALFTIME John Carroll 13 Jensen Beach 10 HALFTIME
  4. Didn't say that. 2 of the top 5 teams in the nation are in the same Division within the same Conference; along with FSU having one of the toughest schedules in the nation. What I am saying is, is that FSU will have a top 5 defense.
  5. FSU had a Top 20 defense last year and they return 90% of it. This defense is top 5 level talent and will be a top 5 defense.
  6. No one will ever have a defense exactly like FSU 2013, all 11 starters are playing in the NFL. But this defense will be extremely close to it. I bet 80% of the 2016 defense will be in the NFL. Because you dont know their name means they arent good; yes, because only people you know are NFL level talent.
  7. Huh? Are you high? They all started last year. And they are almost all back. 2013 Rush Defense: 3.26 ypr and 124.79 ypg 2015 Rush Defesne: 3.83 ypr and 145.3 ypg 2013 Pass Defense: 5.1 ypp and 156.6 ypg 2015 Pass Defense: 5.6 ypp and 191.6 ypg 2013 Points Allowed: 12.1 ppg 2015 Points Allowed: 17.5 ppg With almost all of 2015 returning, they could very easily be 2013-esque; they were almost there last year.
  8. Demarcus Walker, Derwin James, Marquez White, Derrick Nnadi, Demarcus Christmas, Josh Sweat, Nate Andrews, Trey Marshall, Matthew Thomas. This is going to be one of, if not the, best defense(s) in the nation.
  9. Francois is average in the first half; still learning the ins and outs of the offense. But he, and Jimbo, lay it on the defense in the second half. Dalvin does Dalvin things the whole game. This defense is straight nasty. Gives no quarter. FSU 31 Ole Miss 14
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