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  1. Unfortunately, word around town is that the kids may not be as happy with Kelly as the folks who made the hiring decision. There's already talk of the talent they didn't lose to graduation moving on to other schools in the county. From what I hear, the Spring practices have been night and day compared to when Brantley was at the helm which means that the cohesiveness is probably out the window already. They also haven't been in the weight room all Spring. I guess we'll see how it comes together at the Spring Game but I don't have high hopes. There's no way that it wasn't nepotism considering the high level talent they had in the 4 other final candidates. You can say that Kelly has a good resume but I always have additional questions when a coach GA's at high level colleges but can't make the grade to continue the course upwards. Then his next opportunity comes from his Dad...even as an Assistant Coach. There hasn't been a HC hired where his Dad was a principle in Marion County since 1907. Hasn't been done in a 100 years and it shouldn't have been done this go around. Again, I wish the kids the best but I'm sure this choice will be Belleview's undoing. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  2. http://www.ocala.com/sports/20170515/rattlers-hire-kelly-as-new-head-coach Smells like nepotism at its finest. I feel sorry for the kids of this program.
  3. Not at all....not a parent of a player or family member. Just a fan of the HS/College level and what they're doing - wish there was more representation out there for them.
  4. 1. #17 Marquez Glover has already proven himself as a pretty worthy successor. He adds his distinctive skill set to an offense built around its compilation of versitle talent. NOONE wants to see anything happen to their starting QB but Vanguard's backup QB is seems than capable if that happened. 2. You're out of your damn mind if you think the above mentioned can happen without an excellent coaching staff! Edwin Farmer is showing up wth great leadership over this team along with consistently bringing pressure to opponents on the defensive end. I read that 13 different kids have scored touchdowns so the OC Jeff Hawkins is OBVIOUSLY doing something pretty unstoppable. From what I know, this particular group of young men and its coaching staff is breaking long standing records at the school and in the county. We'll see where they end up but I definitely don't think they're getting the respect they deserve state-wide. I guess it'll start by turning heads this Friday!
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