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  1. it's a 6 quarter jamboree too with JV teams playing the first 2 quarters, then all 4 Varsity teams the last 4 quarters
  2. Vanguard, North Marion, Forest, Dunnellon in a 4 team jamboree May 18th at Dunnellon
  3. Vanguard baseball starting off district play pretty strong, back to back nights against Middleburg, last night a 6-0 win at home, tonight a 12-1 road win
  4. Seems Braden River doing a nice job of loading back up this offseason and the OL coach Spencer Hodges is one of the best coaches around, wouldn't be surprised if he isn't a head coach somewhere in the future
  5. 2 big-time wins for the softball team.. definitely 2 momentum building wins
  6. that's very true. Baseball is just a game that is very hard to predict, just never know what's going to happen when District play rolls around, maybe Vanguard and Columbia will battle for district title this year lol
  7. I'll be really surprised if we pull something off in baseball lol we haven't been to the Playoffs in years and from what I have gathered we're off to another rough start😂😂
  8. much appreciated Broward, hopefully we can maintain this success for along time coming, basketball is hard to predict because we're losing so much after this year. Football should be really strong for awhile with a very strong JV group coming up mixed with the 2 all Americans we have coming back in Watkins and Manuel
  9. Great win and congrats on state title number 7, y'all were definitely the best team I seen in the 2 days I made it over their, well rounded complete team, Edgewater was up 17-15 late in the first then y'all hit them with a 28-5 run to close the half including holding them without a field goal the entire 2nd quarter, those runs y'all put together are impressive in itself, well deserved
  10. No doubt. And their was alot their, atleast 200 to 250 people I'd say, not bad for an afternoon game and we had somewhere around the same, but like I say not bad for a game on a weekday in the afternoon, as far as y'all's fans had to travel from Ft Lauderdale, That's a 3 and a half hour trip. Saturday every game should be really packed up
  11. It was a great game all the way through for almost a full 3 quarters, we were down 50-49 with a minute and some change left on the 3rd quarter clock, then y'all closed the 3rd on a 7-0 run and then hit us with a huge 22-5 run the last 8 minutes of the game, I knew a big-time run was coming and it was just a matter of time before it came, it's hard to run with all them athletes y'all got for 4 full quarters without getting wore down and on top of that we didn't have our 6"5 Freshman big man Leonard Manuel who was left home for missing practice on Tuesday, but I'm not the one too make excuses we had a great season and Dillard is the defending Champs for a reason, y'all are alot better then what I seen last year in the KOTS tournament,even met a few young Dillard fans after the game that were really classy and watched the 2nd 7A semifinal with them, plan on getting back on Saturday to watch y'all win it all and catch some of the other state championship games as well. Edgewater will be a tough game as they won their game by 30 over Lehigh but I just can't see them hanging and running with the Panthers for 4 quarters, but it was a successful season for us and I'm happy with the season we had and I appreciate it bruh, y'all are a fun team to watch that's for sure
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