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  1. I just wanna play different schools
  2. Let’s just have a free for all no classes just play who u won’t and all get rings that will make everyone happy
  3. Woo hooo maybe mayo will make it this year
  4. 1st round bye this year for winner and 3 teams get in is that correct
  5. I agree the points are crazy madison Scedule vs cheifland Scedule and we are tied in points ? I’m just curious what 1a team in Florida is better than Madison and please god don’t say Dixie county
  6. As a Madison fan I was very impressed with lake city team speed and O-line gonna make a deep run in playoffs Good luck to y’all maybe we will c y’all in Otown
  7. Yea we gonna come early and do a little pregaming also man good luck see u Friday man
  8. Way it sounds I’m prob see some We Want BAMA signs in yalls crowd
  9. Im just messing around man let u know I’m still here ha
  10. Man sounds like Madison don’t stand a chance this year against 7a lake city they gonna beat lil ol 1a madison ha y’all be happy as when y’all beat img just hope we get a fair game with yalls refs
  11. But if the fhsaa wants to play this at wal mart parking lot that’s where it will be they don’t care
  12. I mean realistically cmon how long did it rain before that game ? Was grass brand new that ain’t ur average football field capitol stadium has games played on it all the time don’t look like that i understand the concearn of grass but dang
  13. I bet it’s still a private school #1
  14. I like O town just wish it was grass
  15. IMG is always gonna be number 1 it’s a small college there American heritage is same way when u pay 30000 to go to school a year you obviously are a great athlete
  16. Honestly dk why we debate these issues the fhsaa don’t give a crap if u drive through the county ur playing to get where ur going they prob don’t even attend games
  17. What if we made one for public schools only
  18. U ain’t gotta play all of them in one place why make 2 schools from North Florida travel south and why bring 2 Miami teams to Orlando
  19. I knew u would reply ha turf kills speed
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