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  1. I have no fight in this one they are our rivals and we don't like each other lol. Should be a good game and central will try and impose their will RUNNING the ball! I love how #4 runs! Has violent stiff arm and will run u over but they have 2 other backs that can play..U have to stack the line and have good dline and good DBs to beat them. Their run sets up the pass. Their qb can sling it with a clean pocket. U have to put pressure on him. Their defense hasn't been consistent so Dillard will have opportunities to score. Seems like both teams coming into the game with chips on their shoulders with something to prove. I definitely see a high scoring game
  2. If The West didn't have their own big game that night I would've checked this game out. #4 for Central Amari Daniels didn't play in this game last year as his dad took head coaching job at his alma mater Jackson and made him transfer out of Miami Central to Jackson after his freshman year. He's back at central this year and they rolled Naples. Then you add #14 Yulkeith Brown jr. Dad was a legend at Miami Northwestern and he's playing at Central smh. Both playmakers. They had over 600 yards of total offense against Naples. I don't think Dillard defense gonna stop central offense. Dillard may need to score 40 to 50 points to beat them Friday.
  3. Oh ok didn't kno that. I wrk for Florida Blue
  4. Only thing that worries me about this game is if Central can play a discipline game. Not too many penalties and turnovers. Scoring on Naples shouldn't be a problem but on defense players need to stick to their assignment. If so I can see Central winning 35 to 14.
  5. And I just saw the Wharton post! Lol all makes sense now.
  6. Lol! Lol lol lol lol. He doesn't even get a response from me from this point on lol. If anybody else asks me about that game I'll give my opinion on game other than the obvious not him lol. How many district titles Wharton won? Not state but district?
  7. All u do is talk trash and belittle other teams but i never hear about who you pull for hmm.. So somebody answer that question and I'll recap Lowdnes game.
  8. Who is your team? Answer that first since you like throwing darts.
  9. AHP not gonna beat the West bro lol. I see polls ranking STA over Lakeland that's crazy to me..
  10. I hope he doesn't call st Thomas great without putting Lakeland in that conversation lol. STA overrated IMO..
  11. It was the West that beat Naples last 2 years lol.
  12. Yeah haven't spoke on Dillard this year. I do want to see them and Cent take care of business this week and meet up on 11/22. If you can't stop central running game then you lose. Think the West held them to about a total 30 yards rushing. #4 and #14 playmakers but they have to go to Naples. They should win but stranger things have happened. I've only seen Dillard on YouTube. Running back is decent and runs hard and their a much better team than in years past. Question is how good? Time will certainly tell.
  13. No argue. You stated your opinion on here and i stated mine. People are just too sensitive. And in MY OPINION NW or Heritage would still be the 2 favorites if all of these teams were in 5A.
  14. Definitely would not be a favorite in 5A. NW blanked Gibbons and CC Heritage beat Gibbons in a much closer game.
  15. Heard AJ back. If true maybe coaches sorted differences and ready to make a playoff run.
  16. U basing band play off the one school y'all play? Yeah ur a super homer lol. U should have a decent crowd this week but yall games don't put up the attendance the west games put up. Especially when we play central
  17. When the last time u been to a Dade game?
  18. I'm not capping u said 15 members. Never said we were better i just said we have a big band more than 15 members. And constantly superior rated each year. Dancers? Yeah we got that on lock lol.
  19. Their bands terrible including the west band that's funny. 15 people is even funnier although you're probably right regarding Jackson band.. soul bowl Dade county is nowhere what it use to be but neither is Broward soul bowl. There use to be a time Jackson vs the West put 30k easy into the orange bowl. This year Dillard vs Ely is the better soul bowl because of both team records.
  20. I honestly feel that team is going to break up next year.
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