GAINESVILLE, Fla. — After seven weeks of football, the FHSAA has once again updated the playoff point averages for all teams in all classifications.

There are big changes across the board this week as some teams have entered the projected playoff picture while others have fallen out. In Classes 5A-8A, district record was taken into consideration except on certain exceptions which are noted.

For Class 1A, you will find a breakdown of point averages for each team in every region and a projected seeding (including tiebreakers) based upon the guidelines as published by the FHSAA (click here to view), as well as quick thoughts about each region.



Team Record Avg
Baker 7-0 40.14
Jay 3-4 38.57
Northview 4-2 37.67
Vernon 4-1 37.40
Graceville 2-4 35.33
Holmes County 2-4 34.50
Bozeman 2-4 34.50
Chipley 2-4 31.50
Freeport 3-3 31.50


No. 1. Baker
No 2. Jay
No 3. Northview
No 4. Vernon
No 5. Graceville
No 6. Holmes County*

*Holmes County wins the tiebreaker over Bozeman with head to head win.


BYES: No 1. Baker, No 2. Jay

No. 5 Graceville at No. 4 Vernon
No. 6. Holmes County at No. 3 Northview

QUICK THOUGHTS: Pretty much as expected here and I think the Top 6 will remain the same, however, the effects of what Hurricane Michael does to this week’s schedule and any postponements will be a big question mark for how things look after Week 8.


Team Record Avg
Blountstown 6-1 38.14
Jefferson County 4-2 37.83
Sneads 5-1 37.67
Port St. Joe 6-0 37.33
Wewahitchka 4-3 34.43
Cottondale 4-2 34.33
Liberty County 2-4 31.50
Franklin County 2-4 29.33


No. 1. Blountstown
No 2. Jefferson County
No 3. Sneads
No 4. Port St. Joe
No 5. Wewahitchka
No 6. Cottondale


BYES: No. 1 Blountstown, No. 2 Jefferson County

No. 5 Wewahitchka at No. 4 Port St. Joe
No. 6 Cottondale at No. 3 Sneads

QUICK THOUGHTS: No surprised here so far, but I think Port St. Joe will eventually work their way into being a top three seed here and potentially a top two seed. With Blountstown on the schedule in Week 9 that game will shape things. However, right now the concern is on Hurricane Michael with a lot of the Week 8 schedule in limbo and that could shake things up in itself.


Team Record Avg
Madison County 6-1 42.57
Chiefland 6-0 40.67
Dixie County 5-2 39.71
Lafayette 5-2 37.29
Bell 1-5 34.67
Union County 4-3 34.57
Hamilton County 0-6 33.67
Hilliard 1-5 33.50
Branford 3-3 32.17


No. 1 Madison County
No. 2 Chiefland
No. 3 Dixie County
No. 4 Lafayette
No. 5 Bell
No. 6 Union County


BYES: No. 1 Madison County, No. 2 Chiefland

No. 5 Bell at No. 4 Lafayette
No. 6 Union County at No. 3 Dixie County

QUICK THOUGHTS: Madison County is sitting where they should belong at the No. 1 seed, having one of the toughest schedules among Class 1A teams. Probably the biggest surprise sitting here at this point is Bell, but their schedule is being helped by an overachieving Port Orange Atlantic team as well as Chiefland having much better success this season. Branford should be in the mix, but after a loss last week, a fight back into the bubble is going to be tough.


Team Record Avg
Pahokee 4-2 42.17
Hawthorne 5-0 38.00
Frostproof 5-2 37.71
Fort Meade 3-3 37.33
Crescent City 5-2 36.57
Wildwood 4-3 34.71
Williston 2-4 34.67
Bronson 0-6 27.17


No. 1 Pahokee
No. 2 Hawthorne
No. 3 Frostproof
No. 4 Fort Meade
No. 5 Crescent City
No. 6 Wildwood


BYES: No. 1 Pahokee, No. 2 Hawthorne

No. 5 Crescent City at No. 4 Fort Meade
No. 6 Wildwood at No. 3 Frostproof

QUICK THOUGHTS: No surprise here with Pahokee on top at 4-2 despite Hawthorne as the only team in the region to still have an undefeated record with Pahokee playing a schedule that consists of no Class 1A teams at all. I think there could be some shifting between Wildwood and Williston here the next couple of weeks for that final seed, but other than that, the teams you see on here are going to be the ones in the playoffs from this region, but maybe not in this exact order.