GAINESVILLE, Fla. — After seven weeks of football, the FHSAA has once again updated the playoff point averages for all teams in all classifications.

There are big changes across the board this week as some teams have entered the projected playoff picture while others have fallen out. In Classes 5A-8A, district record was taken into consideration except on certain exceptions which are noted.

For Class 3A, you will find a breakdown of point averages for each team in every region and a projected seeding (including tiebreakers) based upon the guidelines as published by the FHSAA (click here to view), as well as quick thoughts about each region.



Team Record Avg
Florida High 5-1 43.00
Baldwin 6-0 40.33
St. Joseph 7-0 39.71
Pensacola Catholic 3-4 38.57
Taylor County 2-4 37.50
Episcopal 4-2 35.83
Fort White 4-2 35.00
Providence 2-4 33.50
Newberry 1-5 30.83


No. 1 Florida High
No. 2 Baldwin
No. 3 St. Joseph
No. 4 Pensacola Catholic
No. 5 Taylor County
No. 6 Episcopal


BYES: No. 1 Florida High, No. 2 Baldwin

No. 5 Taylor County at No. 4 Pensacola Catholic
No. 6 Episcopal at No. 3 St. Joseph

QUICK THOUGHTS: Florida High is back on top and is by far the best team with the best schedule in the region and it shows. Baldwin has been successful here, but a makeup date with now-previously undefeated West Nassau looms later in the month. Pensacola Catholic is getting rewarded so far with a strong strength of schedule, while St. Joseph has overperformed to everyone’s expectations this season. Taylor County is sitting in while Fort White is trying to find a way to get back in over Episcopal at this point, but I think Fort White will eventually find their way back in once they are back in action this week.


Team Record Avg
First Academy (Orlando) 5-0 40.60
King’s Academy 7-0 38.29
Cardinal Newman 6-1 37.00
Father Lopez 5-2 36.57
Melbourne Central Catholic 3-3 34.00
Taylor (Pierson) 2-4 33.83
Holy Trinity 2-3 33.20
Trinity Prep 1-6 31.14


No. 1 First Academy (Orlando)
No. 2 King’s Academy
No. 3 Cardinal Newman
No. 4 Father Lopez
No. 5 Melbourne Central Catholic
No. 6 Taylor (Pierson)


BYES: No. 1 First Academy, No. 2 King’s Academy

QUICK THOUGHTS: I don’t think First Academy is going to forever hold on to the No. 1 seed and I feel they are at risk of losing that top seed here in the next couple of weeks as their schedule is definitely weaker than the likes of King’s Academy and Cardinal Newman. Father Lopez is having a strong season and could be in line to host their first playoff game in years, but they will have to watch out for a Pierson Taylor team this week in what will be a huge game that will force more changes when next week’s update comes out.


Team Record Avg
Cardinal Mooney 6-0 42.83
Clearwater Central Catholic 7-0 41.29
Berkeley Prep 4-2 40.83
Tampa Catholic 4-2 38.33
Calvary Christian (Clearwater) 3-3 37.33
Lakeland Christian 3-3 37.00
Trinity Catholic 4-3 36.00
St. Petersburg Catholic 3-3 35.67


No. 1 Cardinal Mooney
No. 2 Clearwater Central Catholic
No. 3 Berkeley Prep
No. 4 Tampa Catholic
No. 5 Calvary Christian (Clearwater)
No. 6 Lakeland Christian


BYES: No. 1 Cardinal Mooney, No. 2 Clearwater Central Catholic

No. 5 Calvary Christian at No. 4 Tampa Catholic
No. 6 Lakeland Christian at No. 3 Berkeley Prep

QUICK THOUGHTS: The top two seeds are clearly Cardinal Mooney and Clearwater Central Catholic and I expect CCC to eventually jump Cardinal Mooney here, possibly as soon as this week’s game is over with versus another in-region opponent, Calvary Christian. Berkeley Prep and Tampa Catholic are about where I would expect them to be, but I expect some shift here between Calvary Christian, Lakeland Christian, Trinity Catholic and St. Petersburg Catholic for the last two seeds.


Team Record Avg
American Heritage (Delray) 5-1 41.17
Chaminade-Madonna 4-2 40.83
Benjamin 7-0 40.14
Palmer Trinity 6-1 40.00
Westminster Christian 7-0 37.86
Westminster Academy 4-2 36.67
St. Andrew’s 4-2 35.83
Everglades Prep 1-5 34.00
Marathon 4-3 35.43
Palm Glades Prep 3-4 33.29
Calvary Christian (Fort Lauderdale) 3-3 33.00
Somerset Silver Palms 1-5 29.67
St. John Paul II (Boca Raton) 0-6 28.83


No. 1 American Heritage (Delray)
No. 2 Chaminade-Madonna
No. 3 Benjamin
No. 4 Palmer Trinity
No. 5 Westminster Christian
No. 6 Westminster Academy


BYES: No. 1 American Heritage (Delray), No. 2 Chaminade-Madonna

No. 5 Westminster Christian at No. 4 Palmer Trinity
No. 6 Westminster Academy at No. 3 Benjamin

QUICK THOUGHTS: I am not surprised here with the top two seeds being American Heritage and Chaminade-Madonna. I expect Chaminade-Madonna to eventually jump American Heritage for the No. 1 seed though in the next couple of weeks. The other four seeds right now I am not surprised by given the efforts of those programs, but I expect St. Andrew’s, currently sitting at No. 7, to try to make a play for a seed here in the next couple of weeks.