GAINESVILLE, Fla. — After seven weeks of football, the FHSAA has once again updated the playoff point averages for all teams in all classifications.

There are big changes across the board this week as some teams have entered the projected playoff picture while others have fallen out. In Classes 5A-8A, district record was taken into consideration except on certain exceptions which are noted.

For Class 4A, you will find a breakdown of point averages for each team in every region and a projected seeding (including tiebreakers) based upon the guidelines as published by the FHSAA (click here to view), as well as quick thoughts about each region.



Team Record Avg
Raines 5-1 43.17
West Nassau 5-1 37.00
Rutherford 2-5 33.86
South Walton 3-4 33.86
Marianna 2-4 33.33
Andrew Jackson 3-3 28.83
Gadsden County 0-6 28.67
Walton 0-7 28.00
Fernandina Beach 1-5 25.00
North Bay Haven 0-6 24.00
Wolfson 1-6 23.29


No. 1 Raines
No. 2 West Nassau
No. 3 Rutherford
No. 4 South Walton
No. 5 Marianna
No. 6 Andrew Jackson


BYES: No. 1 Raines, No. 2 West Nassau

No. 5 Marianna at No. 4 South Walton
No. 6 Andrew Jackson at No. 3 Rutherford

QUICK THOUGHTS: I will go ahead and declare it now that Raines and West Nassau have a death lock on the top two seeds in the region. I will even go as far as to say they are going to be the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds respectively. It is a long shot for anyone else in the region to even come close to trying to take these seeds away from these teams. I do feel however now that you are looking at the six teams that will make up the region bracket, but I feel also that the final order of seeds three through six are not by any means in any set order here and will shift here in the next few weeks.


Team Record Avg
Bradford 4-3 39.29
Dunnellon 3-4 38.29
Santa Fe (Alachua) 3-3 38.00
The Villages 6-0 37.67
P.K. Yonge 5-1 36.67
South Sumter 3-4 34.71
Keystone Heights 2-3 32.60
Mount Dora 3-3 31.50
Interlachen 2-4 30.50
Trenton 1-5 29.83
Umatilla 0-7 25.00


No. 1 Bradford
No. 2 Dunnellon
No. 3 Santa Fe
No. 4 The Villages
No. 5 P.K. Yonge
No. 6 South Sumter


BYES: No. 1 Bradford, No. 2 Dunnellon

No. 5 P.K. Yonge at No. 4 The Villages
No. 6 South Sumter at No. 3 Santa Fe.

QUICK THOUGHTS: Both Bradford and Dunnellon have played some incredibly tough teams and each have won games I never thought they would win and rightfully they are where they should be in the region. The Villages was a No. 1 seed last week but fall to No. 4 after playing Umatilla and seeing Tavares fall to Leesburg which put a major dent in their average. Keystone Heights and Mount Dora could be in play for the final seed along with South Sumter, but it will take some incredible wins for them to overcome South Sumter’s tougher strength of schedule.


Team Record Avg
Avon Park 5-2 40.57
Bishop Verot 6-1 40.57
LaBelle 5-1 40.17
Cocoa 4-2 40.00
Astronaut 5-1 38.00
Atlantic (Port Orange) 4-1 35.60
Lake Placid 3-4 35.14
Oasis 5-2 34.71
Lake Highland Prep 4-2 34.50
Tenoroc 1-4 32.80
Mulberry 3-4 32.57
Cypress Creek (Wesley Chapel) 2-4 29.67


No. 1 Avon Park*
No. 2 Bishop Verot
No. 3 LaBelle
No. 4 Cocoa
No. 5 Astronaut
No. 6 Atlantic (Port Orange)

*Wins tiebreaker over Bishop Verot for No. 1 seed having more combined CAT 1 and CAT 2 wins.


BYES: No. 1 Avon Park, No. 2 Bishop Verot

No. 5 Astronaut at No. 4 Cocoa
No. 6 Atlantic (Port Orange) at No. 3 LaBelle

QUICK THOUGHTS: Avon Park despite losing last week, they were able to keep a hold of the top spot in the region, but any more losses could threaten things. Bishop Verot will be playing Delray American Heritage this week and a win for them could be a huge bump for them to possibly get the No. 1 seed after this week. LaBelle has certainly been a surprise team this year and is in the middle of their first playoff berth in years. Cocoa I feel will make some moves here as will Astronaut. For Port Orange Atlantic they will need to continue to win games as they fight off possible challenges from Lake Placid, Oasis and Lake Highland Prep for the final seed.


Team Record Avg
University School 6-0 41.17
Booker T. Washington 4-3 40.14
Monsignor Pace 4-3 39.43
Glades Central 3-3 37.83
Pine Crest 2-4 36.33
Key West 4-2 36.00
Gulliver Prep 3-3 34.67
Miami Edison 2-5 33.57
North Broward Prep 3-4 33.00
Coral Springs Charter 5-1 32.50
Immaculata-La Salle 2-5 32.14


No. 1 University School
No. 2 Booker T. Washington
No. 3 Monsignor Pace
No. 4 Glades Central
No. 5 Pine Crest
No. 6 Key West


BYES: No. 1 University School, No. 2 Booker T. Washington

No. 5 Pine Crest at No. 4 Glades Central
No. 6 Key West at No. 3 Monsignor Pace

QUICK THOUGHTS: Not surprised that University School finally jumped Booker T. Washington, but I will go to say things are much better off for Booker T. Washington than they were last season with games being played as scheduled and some of those game being translated into wins. I feel both programs will be the top two seeds here. Seeds three through six I think are a good mix right now, but everything is at play here and I feel we will see some shifts. Pine Crest being in at the moment is most surprising, but their strength of schedule has been boosted here so far to date. I do feel though that Gulliver Prep will eventually make a move in as long as they win at least a couple of more games here remaining on the schedule.