GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Ten weeks of football is in the books and the FHSAA has updated the playoff point averages for all teams in all classifications for the final time this season leading to Sunday’s bracket reveal.

As such with this latest update, the playoff picture is starting to become much clearer, but there are still areas where things can drastically change based upon this week’s final regular season games.

In Classes 5A-8A, district record was taken into consideration except on certain exceptions which are noted.


For Class 1A, you will find a breakdown of point averages for each team in every region and a projected seeding (including tiebreakers) based upon the guidelines as published by the FHSAA (click here to view), as well as quick thoughts about each region.

NOTE: The FHSAA announced last week that eight teams from Regions 1 and 2 in Class 1A will advance to the playoff bracket. That means eight of the nine teams will qualify from Region 1 while all eight teams from Region 2 have qualified for the playoffs as teams in these regions work to get back on the field to complete games that are left on the schedule for Weeks 10 and 11.


Team Record Avg
Baker 8-0 39.25
Jay 4-4 38.13
Vernon 5-2 36.43
Northview 5-4 35.78
Graceville 2-4 35.33
Bozeman 2-5 33.14
Holmes County 2-6 32.50
Chipley 3-4 32.43
Freeport 3-4 31.71



No. 1 Baker
No. 2 Jay
No. 3 Vernon
No. 4 Northview
No. 5 Graceville
No. 6 Bozeman
No. 7 Holmes County
No. 8 Chipley


No. 8 Chipley at No 1. Baker
No. 5 Graceville at No. 4 Northview
No. 7 Holmes County at No. 2 Jay
No. 6. Bozeman at No. 3 Vernon

QUICK THOUGHTS: Not many changes here heading into Week 11 other than Jay moves up to the No. 2 seed while Vernon falls to No. 3 after their loss to FAMU DRS and Northview moving down to the No. 4 seed. In this region, the top four seeds will host a regional quarterfinal game next week.


Team Record Avg
Port St. Joe 7-0 39.14
Sneads 5-1 38.50
Jefferson County 5-3 38.13
Blountstown 7-1 37.50
Cottondale 4-2 35.17
Wewahitchka 5-3 34.50
Liberty County 2-6 30.88
Franklin County 2-5 30.14



No. 1 Port St. Joe
No. 2 Sneads
No. 3 Jefferson County
No. 4 Blountstown
No. 5 Cottondale
No. 6 Wewahitchka
No. 7 Liberty County
No. 8 Franklin County


No. 8 Franklin County at No. 1 Port St. Joe
No. 5 Wewahitchka at No. 4 Blountstown
No. 7 Liberty County at No. 2 Sneads
No. 6 Cottondale at No. 3 Jefferson County

QUICK THOUGHTS: Biggest change is Port St. Joe jumps up to the No. 1 seed here while Jefferson County falls to the No. 3 seed. Everything else remains the same and with all eight teams in the region, all teams are qualified for the playoffs. The top four seeds in this region will host a regional quarterfinal contest next week.


Team Record Avg
Madison County 8-1 42.67
Chiefland 8-1 39.33
Dixie County 7-3 38.90
Lafayette 6-3 37.11
Union County 5-5 34.50
Branford 5-4 33.67
Bell 3-6 33.44
Hamilton County 1-7 33.13
Hilliard 2-7 32.11



No. 1 Madison County
No. 2 Chiefland
No. 3 Dixie County
No. 4 Lafayette*
No. 5 Union County
No. 6 Branford

*NOTE: Lafayette’s record is 7-3, but the Week 9 game vs. Central Florida Christian will not count towards points as the game was scheduled last week as replacement game for the Graceville game.


BYES: No. 1 Madison County, No. 2 Chiefland

No. 5 Union County at No. 4 Lafayette
No. 6 Branford at No. 3 Dixie County

QUICK THOUGHTS: No big changes here this week in terms of the top teams, but seed No. 6 does see a change with Bell falling out and Branford moving in and could lock things down with a win this week against Cornerstone Charter.


Team Record Avg
Hawthorne 9-0 39.78
Pahokee 5-4 38.44
Crescent City 7-2 36.22
Fort Meade 4-5 35.78
Frostproof 5-4 35.78
Wildwood 5-5 34.30
Williston 3-6 33.78
Bronson 0-9 27.56



No. 1 Hawthorne
No. 2 Pahokee
No. 3 Crescent City
No. 4 Fort Meade*
No. 5 Frostproof*
No. 6 Wildwood

*TIEBREAKER: A coin flip would be needed to break this tie if the playoffs were to start today. However, both teams play each other this week which should mean if a tie were to exist, it would be broken with head to head results.


BYES: No. 1 Hawthorne, No. 2 Pahokee

No. 5 Fort Meade at No. 4 Frostproof
No. 6 Wildwood at No. 3 Crescent City

QUICK THOUGHTS: Biggest changes here is Hawthorne and Pahokee change seeds after Pahokee dropped their past two games. For now, we placed Frostproof at the No. 4 seed and Fort Mead at the No. 5 seed based upon the records, but again after this week’s matchup between the two teams, it will clear things up. Wildwood moves into the No. 6 seed this week despite losing to The Villages after Williston dropped another game last week as well.