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  1. Dillard has been inconsistent this season. Sure they can win this game, but it'll take a big effort.
  2. Miramar has no offense. Lack of discipline. They can't close games. Miramar's Defense can't save them at all times. Monarch should be the Favorite to win in RND 1. It's clear that Miramar has lost it's mental edge they use to have.
  3. Then make it 30 games the following week, then 30 the week after.
  4. No. The level of play is not down. Aquinas is a better team, and more loaded than last season. They just got the snot beat out of them to a better DBP team. If you want to use a better way of saying it. You can say that the real elite teams are more younger this season like Central, Apopka, Dwyer, Cocoa, but the talent is just as good as it was.
  5. The FHSAA should perhaps make a suggestion to fix their alignments for the future to create some balance for how the districts should be played out. 3 things that stand out that i'm not a fan of when looking at the districts. 1. Some districts have just 2 or 3 teams (not hard for a certain team to clinch a playoff berth or no risk in being a 6 team district to get toughen up before the playoffs. 2. No wildcard given to certain teams who at times are better than some district winners. 3. District clinching games should be on the last week of the regular season. That adds plenty of excitement to how games and districts can be decided. Addition: Orlando has been a nice city for the FHSAA Finals, but maybe another city in Central Florida should be suggested (Tampa, Jacksonville). Balance need to be re-structured in the state, it wasn't that much of a deal to me back then, but the classes are getting a bit out of hand now, should be time to re-adjust them...
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