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  1. After a Packer victory, Colquitt has a parade through the downtown square, prior to the team buses going back to the field house, three miles away.
  2. Georgia Varsity Sports Vent!!! It breaks down not only a sport into different classifications. But also has a separate vent for a dozen or more sports. Politics is a separate vent entirely.
  3. AHP at Colquitt. It'll be interesting to see if we can replace nineteen starters and tune up AHP in the process!
  4. as though they may be playing my lil Packers from Colquitt Co. on Aug. 28th!!!
  5. Dynasties cover greater periods than a decade or two!!! A DYNASTY would be like Valdosta's dominance from the 1940's to the late 1980's!!!
  6. Organize a TRUE border war series between the top teams in Florida and Georgia!!! It would give both states the opportunity to show their stuff against top tier competition!!! Florida teams rarely play a big time opponent from out of state, and the same goes for Georgia!!! I think that it would help both states in terms of the national spotlight!!! The debacle of Norcross' humiliating loss to Booker T. last season, and STA's debacle against a mediocre Don Bosco Prep notwithstanding!!! I think that the top ten teams in both states can beat ANYBODY else in the national top 100!!!
  7. I did. Stephenson wins if they had a decent kicker!!! They had to go for two three times, failing on two. Unbelievable that they can't find someone who can kick an extra point.
  8. While MLK is usually pretty competitive, they are PITIFUL in 2014. They were shut out again last Friday night by Mays, 34-0.
  9. With the exception of STA, the ones I've seen against Georgia teams appear to be several levels below what we saw in 2013. Plant, Manatee, Godby, Trinity, Miami Central, and Booker T. all appear to be very average this season, compared to the recent past.
  10. Most Florida schools don't support their teams well. Of course, Atlanta doesn't either!!! But for the Ware Co.-Manatee, and Lowndes-Tampa Plant games, it was a sellout at 14,000!!!
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