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  1. All those teams had a good to great line play accept south ridge and Jackson....
  2. I watch the film on Raines vs Bolles game... Raines has some nice athletes but very sloppy... I think it comes down to the trenches where I give the edge to BTW...
  3. Which is true but that Naples team that was up on MC in 2012 was a special team... They had PLAYERS!!! I don't see it with this Naples team.. I can be wrong but MC suprise me the last couple of weeks and their defense is snapping right now and their suspect qb actually looks like a decent qb right now.... I'm saying MC by 17... I'll be at the game... Yea that game against AHD was earlier in the year but you don't lose to AHD being a good program in 6a...
  4. They lost to Amreican Heritage Delray 3a school... They have a nice Rb in #27..... They will get dismantle in fri... I will be shock if it's a close game... MC will be the only game they will play with a nasty defense they have seen all year... I mean once again AHD beat them... I can't see AHD beat MC.....
  5. You guys see who won player of the year in each district? None from SFla and I think Coach Tillman should of won 4a coach of the year...
  6. Don't know about 1a or 2a enough to give prediction... Trinity Christian Booker T Bishop Central STA Flannigan
  7. Once again BTW battle tested!!! Look at the 5 teams they lost too and see who you think Rains can beat... Raines players do look pretty big though
  8. I'll take Booker T Washington Hallandale Central Flannigan South Dade
  9. It was but somewhere in the 3q MC took over and controlled the game
  10. Lol well it's gonna be young team vs young team.... Well if you do come down don't hesitate to sit on btw side I'll be there
  11. He does for a freshman... Crazy!! How good is Cocoa oline? BTW d ends are dangerous... Btw are you gonna make the trip down?
  12. The game was up there last year ....
  13. That's the thing I don't see Mainland qb or offense can put up that against MC defense but it's a home game ... I got MC in a very close game... Can come down to a field goal
  14. Pretty solid schedule... I see MC defense coming to play but MC running game have to get going with their explosive wrs
  15. Ahhhh forgot about Oxbridge
  16. MC been a pain in Mainland butts the past few years... What you guys think and how good Mainland schedule was this year?
  17. Well I say this the strength of the BTW team is the oline and Dline belive it or not lol... I'll be at the game Friday night so hopefully it's a thriller like it was last year...
  18. Wow... I seen some film on cocoa defense and their kind of suspect mainly their secondary... I seen vieara had a field day on them...
  19. Do Cocoa still runs the ball 75% of the time?
  20. Gotta lean towards Hallendale...First off the QB for Hallendale is just amazing... Then you have to worry about 4 or 5 wr they have ... Can lock one down but gotta worry about the other ones and their rb is not bad either...
  21. I don't think we have new private schools running things down here...?
  22. Central this year no cause of their qb situation
  23. Well I guess you guys up north really don't know about teams down here... The only thing AHP have over the public schools down here is a coaching staff... I remember the Sony Micheal teams... They were talented but for some reason Miami Jackson use to always knock them out the playoffs until he's st yr... Miami Jackson had the speed like them but lack of size but still were able to knock them out the playoffs.. Plus I was not one of them that was ready to hand them the 5a title.... But they did beat IMG... Idk about Branden River but I do know Manatee ain't the same Manatee and I know those two teams ain't better then IMG and I don't consider them a highschool either...
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