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  1. Zoe Boy

    4A South

    And it's raining down here.,. Should be a close one till half time.....
  2. Do you think coach strout ever get another coaching gig in dade or broward county?
  3. I don't think so.... Most if not all their campusus are in miramar and pembroke pines
  4. Mass exodus transfer from miramar... Expect Carol City to get most of those kids... Coach Strout career is over coaching down here in south fla... Yes it's a black eye...
  5. somerset academy is in broward county
  6. I meant their football program is not two years old.. I'll say 5-6 yrs..... They are a sister school to somerset academy where I use to coach at and my old head coach when I was in highschool was coaching them in the beginning of the football program now one of his former player is the head man
  7. They need a different district and mater is not a 2 year school...
  8. I agree!! I have to see it to believe it..
  9. It's deeper then the wins and losses! In house fighting a between the coaches and also the players... I guess this last loss was the tipping point
  10. Central is hitting on all cylinders right now!!
  11. Zoe Boy

    Pick em

    None this week?
  12. Zoe Boy

    Pick em?

    None this week?
  13. Treon is clears from the accusation.. The chick withdrew the accusation....
  14. It wouldn't surprise me cat.. These females ain't loyal lol.. But serious note these girls are green like that.. They know they can hurt a good guys like that...
  15. You had some crazy post on there.... X-rated shit I ain't vibe... Unless you got hacked
  16. I hope y'all get that w this week.. I see Hallandale looking right.. What's up with your ig page?
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