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  1. Mrs lick or Mr slick? I was trying to find Miramar's playoff bracket and was having some trouble. Can you help me out?
  2. With these recent changes it looks like we will be seeing Cocoa in the semi finals now
  3. Things got more interesting in 4A south with these alignments. Thankfully they got Clewiston out of our crap district and replaced us with Mulberry while putting us in Glades Centrals district. Will be fun to rekindle this rivalry. On the negative side, Cocoa's district got a little more challenging with Lake Highland Prep but they essentially won't be challenged now until semi finals. The playoffs will be fun to watch with winner and runners up of 4A-7 and 4A-8 playing in the first two rounds.
  4. Does anyone have any info on how the classifications will be divided this upcoming year? I am pretty sure Clewiston is on the smaller side of 4A this year and depending on how things are done, we could see them in a lower class than GC and Cocoa. Historically, Clewiston was usualy a class below Glades Central. If classes remain the same, I am going to bet that they put Clewiston in a Palm Beach County district and possibly in the same district as GC. Clewiston will be good next year. We lose some playmakers on both sides of the ball, but have some really good young guys coming up that pla
  5. I was following this game really closely and things went pretty much like I thought they would. I would have loved to see the Clewiston vs Booker T matchup and think we would have been able to put up a few more points on them. But of course I am a homer Was that final drive for Cocoa where they scored primarily the wing t run game or did they spread things out from the shotgun? It seemed to me that Cocoa struggled against good defenses when running anything but their old bread and butter misdirection power run game from the wing. When they going got tough, they would fall back on this. T
  6. I have Heritage Delray winning the class this year. They are a complete football team this year with playmakers spread across the field. Crazy how much they improved from last years team. That CCC matchup should be really interesting though. I think JTC has shown some vulnerability and will be beat in the final.
  7. Shaping up to be a great night in this class tonight!
  8. I agree. Seems like Corky always finds a way to neutralize what other teams do best. They always have good athletes but often times at this point in they season play teams that have superior athletes at the skilled positions and seem to be able to level that out by coaching. I will be hoping for Raines to pull this one out though because it would be fun to watch them match up with the athletes from the south.
  9. This should be a fun Friday with some great match ups. In the north Bolles will be playing at Raines and will be a rematch of a game played earlier in the season in which Raines won by a score. Corky seems to always have his guys playing their best football at the end of the year though and its always hard to beat a good team twice. I like Bolles by a TD or two. Madison County will be playing Florida High. I think Madison will take this one but we should be able to see if they are ready to challenge Raines/Bolles in the semi's. Based on last Friday's game against Fort White, it doesn
  10. Any of you know if the semi final will be played in the north districts or south districts this year? Will it be held in Cocoa/Clew or down in Miami? How is that determined from year to year?
  11. Should be an interesting year in the South. The top four teams are all in the South with BTW, Clewiston, Cocoa, and Glades Central. Obviously, this class belongs to BTW and are by far the clear favorite. But, barring any major upsets in the first round, it will most likely be Glades Central playing BTW and Clewiston playing Cocoa in the quarterfinals. I don't think GC will have enough to significantly challenge BTW for anymore than a quarter. GC is much improved from the beginning of the season but they won't be able to rely on their athleticism winning this game as they do in most of the
  12. Clewiston 41 Glades Day 7 Clewiston started out slow on offense but went into halftime with a 13-0 lead and their defense was able to hold Glades Day to just under 50 yards of total offense in the half. The second half saw Clewiston's offense get cranked up and they were mostly able to score at will using big plays in both the run and pass game. Clewiston finished the game by taking consecutive knees inside of GDS's 20 yard line and were able to get some sub's valuable playing time late. Both teams are very solid but I think Glades Day will have trouble later in the playoffs because
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