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  1. I agree the 1993 Southridge offense was the best of the decade. They ran the Wing-T to perfection. Impossible to stop with 3 D1 (all 3 All-Americans in college) running backs in the backfield. For the 2000's as good as STA was, I have to give 2006 and 2007 Northwestern squads some love. The 2006 squad was just as explosive as 2007 but they had a 2000 yard rusher in Antwain Easterling. The 2007 version averaged 42 points a game over the whole season and was never challenged. Both years they put up Playstation like numbers on offense with Jacory Harris at QB. It was ridiculous.
  2. 1995 season. I believe Northwestern started the season by losing to Carol City, Southridge, and Miami High, then never lost again. Snoop led them on offense, Nate Webster led the defense.
  3. Derrick Gibson. After Killian went to FSU, then first round pick of the raiders, and is now back at Killian as the head coach.
  4. I believe Mark Guandolo did it as well. But he didn't win the title at all three stops. The schools were Chaminade, Cypress bay, and Southridge. He won two titles at Chaminade At Cypress Bay in 2012 he made it to the final but lost to Apopka I believe. At Southridge in 1999 he made it to the finals but lost to Lincoln.
  5. I just thought about it and I don't think they've ever been in the same district. So it must be when Piper shutout STA 21-0 in 1996
  6. And Billy Rolle also won a state title at all three!
  7. Columbus. Often ran into Central or Northwestern in the playoffs in the third round.
  8. Hyland Hickson from Dillard high. They beat Tarpon Springs in the state championship. Interesting fact, the running back before Hickson at Dillard was Lorenzo White, who also went to Michigan State.
  9. TY Hilton, Miami Springs High, then FIU. I like what you did there!!!
  10. I could be wrong, but it looks like Orlando Iglesias class of 97. Played at Coral Park in Miami, played college at University of Houston. His senior year in 1996 he led Coral Park deep into the playoffs but they lost to HML led by Rohan Davey (played for LSU and the Patriots) Coral Park led late in the 4th qtr but HML ran a draw on 4th and long to scored a touchdown for the win. The HML running back also played D1 football, Rashad Armstrong. HML ended up losing to Carol City in state semis. Carol City won state that year.
  11. Bradenton was a powerhouse with Peter Warrick. I remember that. Plantation was great that year with Ryan Schneider at QB throwing to Kevin Beard. Schneider signed with South Carolina but transferred to UCF. He's the head coach now at Cocoa.
  12. It's hard to pick one from that list of legends, but as my personal favorite, I'll go with Bo Jackson. When it comes to year of the running back in a backfield, no one tops 1993 Southridge, they had 3 division 1 running backs in the backfield at the same time . Two of them were All-Americans in college and the third was All Big 12 in college.
  13. I agree with you, I guess what I meant was the FHSAA has no way of proving what we all know, or has no interest in doing so.
  14. I agree with you entire post. Working in a public school in Miami-Dade, it's frustrating when you have a two or three year starter and then Columbus, STA, Gulliver, or AHP come in and take your skill position players for their senior year. However, with the recent rule changes where athletes are free to transfer, public schools have gotten in on the action. MNW, BTW, Central all recruit players from all over the area, so it has leveled the playing field some. Private schools can still offer a better educational environment, which parents love, and that's hard to argue against.
  15. Ted Hendricks, Hialeah High, UM, Oakland Raiders
  16. Going to take a wild guess at this........ Is it Miami High and Coral Gables?
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