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  1. Could there be a chink in the armor at Miami Central?

    That Central team that lost to Grayson had Joseph Yearby and Dalvin Cook in the backfield, and they couldn't do anything against them. They couldn't run the ball against them and Central didn't have a passing game. That year Central went on to run the table and win a state title, but against Grayson they looked like a JV team. Any given year Georgia's top teams can compete and beat the top teams in Florida, but I agree that it's always one sided in that most of those matchups are in Georgia. They rarely travel.
  2. Possibly the Greatest Ever HS Game Ending

    Ok, after reading and watching the clip again, I can see why. Truly remarkable.
  3. Possibly the Greatest Ever HS Game Ending

    Good ending, but that was just a kickoff return for a touchdown. I think the ending for the 98 Soul Bowl between Northwestern and Jackson or the ending of the State Championship game between Northwestern and Seminole were far more exciting.
  4. The Greatest FL HS Playoff Team Ever?

  5. The 5 Worst Teams in the State

    Robert Marve?
  6. 8A Columbus looking for new coach

    It appears State power Columbus will be looking for a new coach. Great program and tradition. If the right person takes over, they can take that program to the next level. https://www.bryantbulldogs.com/sports/fball/2018-19/releases/20181220m9835q
  7. What Is Normal for a First Season of HS Football?

    I agree 100% with this. Depends on the location and administration's commitment to football. When Miami Booker T Washington reopened in 1999 it was an instant football power because the majority of their students come from the Overtown area of Miami. It reopened to help relieve the overcrowded Miami High. As soon as Booker T reopened, all the athletes went there and Miami High football has never been the same. So I agree that location is everything for a starting program.
  8. Mandarin Situation Is Disappointing

    Miami High almost did it last year. Sedrick Irvin took over the program for one year They went from doormats to one win from the state championship game last year losing to Atlantic in the semis. They lost their coach and they dropped back down to 4 wins this year. Irvin jumped to Southridge and is at it again. Unfortunately this will become more common and I think high school recruiting is never going away. It has always been around, but in the shadows, now it's out in the open. I wouldn't be surprised if high schools start to get in trouble for recruiting players with cash. There was one five star player here in Miami that was supposedly "bought" and transferred to a rival school after spending his first three years at one school. It was so out in the open that it was even discussed on local sports talk radio. Another instance, Hialeah High this year went 9-1 and made it to the playoffs. They are a perennial 4-5 win team. Coincidence? They were led by some promising freshmen. I'd be shocked if those freshmen stayed at that school another year or two when you have Central, Northwestern, Jackson, Booker T, and Carol City within 15 miles.
  9. Northwestern Reaches Milestones with Win

    In 95 Northwestern started out 0-3. They lost to Miami High, Southridge, and Carol City. They never lost after that. NW was led by Nate Webster that year on defense.
  10. Former Palmetto QB to Start in Bowl Game

    I'll look forward to watching Allison. He's a former four star recruit, and seeing Miami's QB situation, we could have used him. I hope he does well at WVU.
  11. Who Is This FL HS Legend in the Photo? 12/2/18

    Devonte Freeman didn't take over full time at Central until Brandon Gainer left. Gainer signed with Kentucky, but I don't think he finished there. Killian was loaded in the early 2000s but they didn't win the state championship until the year after Bobby Washington left. One of the best backfields I have ever seen was the 1993 Southridge team. They had three college All-Americans in their backfield, The Davis brothers and Sedrick Irvin.
  12. Who Is This FL HS Legend in the Photo? Daunte Culpepper

    I believe Daunte played for Ocala Vanguard
  13. Kickoff classic scores

    Columbia 33-6
  14. Columbia 33 IMG Academy Blue (National team) 20 Final

    Too bad this won't count for the official record. IMG will still offcially be on a 37 game winning streak.