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  1. Probably because this is “floridahsfootball.com” and everybody on this board knows football is top dog in every school.
  2. What exactly is your role with the team? What was your role when you were a student?
  3. Sounds like the Columbia coaches caved in. Right @badbird?
  4. Ill redo it all this afternoon after the new points come out, I didn't even think they had a chance.
  5. After playing with the numbers my best projection is Flagler Palm Coast will end up with the 7 seed. This is because 6! of the teams on their schedule have the chance to jump a tier with a win this week. Their final range is 38.6-41.6 points. This leaves Seminole and West Orange battling for the 8th spot. West Orange's opponents are locked into their tiers whereas Seminole has a chance at 5 more points if Lyman beats Miami Beach and jumps a tier. If seminole beats Bishop Moore they will have 38.9-39.4 points depending on Lyman's result. West Orange will finish at 39.1 with a W over
  6. Somebody is going to write a strongly worded letter about this.
  7. 1mustangW


    Wekiva’s defense peaking at the right time.
  8. Maybe people at Columbia just don’t want to tell a random alumnus inside information because you have no real connection to the program.
  9. Wonder if ocoee will face any consequences after their entrance this week.
  10. Did you feel like coach Darlington quit by punting on 4th and 4 from Wekivas 40? Just felt like they’re side didn’t think they had a chance last night.
  11. Was hoping to hear your thoughts on last nights game @DarterBlue2.
  12. @DarterBlue2 did Jaylon Carter play? I heard a rumor about him either being suspended or removed from the team.
  13. I know this has probably been discussed but I can not seem to find an answer. Will the DP vs Lee County game be streaming or on tv?
  14. Heard a rumor that 2020 Jalen Carter out of APK has decided to transfer to Sanford Seminole. Wondering if @DarterBlue2 has an info. Would be another huge lose for that program.
  15. You’ve included some 2018s in this list. William Barnes graduated as well as Holmes and ware.
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