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  1. Any one know or has an idea on why Rocco stepped down as coach at STA? He was there for 4 years and won 2 state championships. He resigned after the football season and early this year took the head coaching job at Mater Academy charter school. Really strange. He went from one of the top teams in the country to a team that has never accomplished ANYTHING. Just curious.
  2. I remember that season. Jackson had a receiver named Jermain Mays that had just transferred from Northwestern and he was great. He ended up being an all-american at Minnesota. . Amazing game.
  3. Booker T vs. STA is the big one. Central will be playing at DeMatha out of Maryland, which is usually nationally ranked.
  4. Columbus will be strong again. I expect they'll go deep in to the playoffs. If the quarterback can play efficiently then they'll be ok.
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    IMG reminds me a lot of what Bishop Gorman is doing out West. Personally, I would love to see them allowed to compete in the playoffs. I know coaches and fans think it's unfair what they do (which it is) but just because you have talent across the board, it doesn't mean you're going to win. IMG gets a lot of transfers every year. It's hard to get that amazing talent to gel so quickly especially since most of the transfers are seniors.
  6. I don't know if De La Salle ever played suwannee, but De La Salle did play St. Thomas and Lakeland and lost to both. They lost to St. Thomas here in Florida and Lakeland went to Cali to beat them.
  7. I agree. No one will ever come close to 151 straight wins, unless they play in a weak area and purposely avoid playing strong teams, kind of what like Independence High out of NC did a couple of years back. They made it over 100 straight wins and when they finally played an OOS opponent (a team from Ohio) they lost. That said, no one will come close because all of the top teams across the nation are now scheduling high profile games. I think that's great because the fans win because we get to see great match ups that never happened before. I hope the Burger King series keeps growing. The
  8. Both teams are breaking in new coaches, so it's even on that front. This feels a lot like when Northwestern finally played STA......One year too late. Northwestern had just lost Teddy Bridgewater and other playmakers. Booker T is losing a ton of players. We'll see how it plays out, but STA is loaded. This game would have been much better last year.
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