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  1. Just my opinion...Mater has become very talented, BUT has no where the depth to compete w/ STA. But they are building something special. No team in 7A Florida has the depth to compete w/ STA. The 2016 STA team has back ups w/ D1 offers. But I like what Mater is building...they have a new weight room, kids coming in, a loaded 2019 and 2020 class. I think BTW, Deerfield, and BG give STA trouble this year. But STA will run a weak 7A and be state champs again
  2. Player movement at Mater since January. I count 11 in. 3 out. I hear Stern wants back in.
  3. A bunch of new faces at Mater. WR Travon Roberts from Norland WR LC Gallimore from Norland And I read on Twitter that 2019 DE Mikel Jones from Champanat has now transferred to Mater. He currently holds 4 offers.
  4. I believe you Columbia. STs are so important in HS football. Field position can be a killer w/ only so many possessions for an offense in 48 minutes. Especially when you are playing incredible talent.
  5. Love the Oliver pic Broward...ha ! Don't know much about Columbia, but maybe you should reach out to Charlotte people from 02 season, Lakeland's blueprint of beating STA IN 04,05,06. Or Manatee knocking them out in 2009 when STA was #1 in nation riding a 37 game winning streak. Cause to beat STA this year, you better have a great staff, JIMMY AND JOE'S, and solid ST's. Just saying.
  6. AHP beats Mater 17-7 AHP beats Doral 35-14
  7. Mater advanced to tomorrow w/ a 23-10 win over Olympic Heights after the lightning delay.
  8. Look fellas, we are all pationate about our teams, counties, but you have to be realistic. In 7A, right now NO TEAM CAN MATCH STA IN REGARDS TO TALENT AND DEPTH. Granted they have an absurd amount of transfers the last 2 years. STA has a tough schedule, curious to see how new staff does.
  9. I heard from multiple sources that Casullo and Roland Smith agreed to play each other in 2014 at Dolphins Stadium. George Smith said no and STA played AHP instead.
  10. In all my years of following HS football, I have never seen STA take so many transfers in as they have the last 2 years. STA can't coach up their own kids like Columbus does? I feel bad for the current STA kids that worked hard. Being a Dade guy, Columbus has been handcuffed for years and not allowed to take so many kids in. And I don't think Columbus allows senior transfers. But Merrit still finds a way to the 8A final 4. I can respect that.
  11. And shame on ESPN and Wilbon for even talking about this irrelevant sporting news story.
  12. Nick Saban's EGO isn't offering no 8th grader in this country. This is Champagnat's HC trying to make a name for himself and his program.
  13. Gatorman, please join the FHSAA committee. Your intelligence is desperately needed. Your analysis just makes too much sense.
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