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  1. 1991 congrats. 2016 2-3 and a hurricane saved you from being 2-4
  2. Any more lies you got on Baker County? I heard Columbia backed down from Cambridge Christian after seeing them in your top 25
  3. now they are one of the nations top teams but according to you would lose by 17 to Florida's best
  4. If IMG wins by 50 do you put them in your top 25
  5. Told you different outcome. No one wins
  6. So your 8A#6 is ranked higher in the top 25 than your 8A#5. Brilliant
  7. So it isn't the best 25 then. I don't care where they are ranked in 1a or 2a they can't compete with most of the better larger schools.
  8. you left the best team off the list. At least you didn't include any 0-4 teams like you did in your class polls. It is Sanford Seminole not Stanford. Typo on Bishop Moore. Cambridge Christian top 25? lol Did the Seffner Christian win impress you? Pahokee top 25?
  9. In the North 8A I got 1. Apopka 2. DP 3. Seminole 4. Vero 5. Sandalwood Osceola tends to get better as the year goes on but right now I see them losing week 2 of the playoffs to Vero.
  10. Osceola is getting better from what I've seen but I wouldn't put them as a strong contender for the North yet.
  11. Apopka by 3. Darlington would out coach them
  12. didn't get the recruits in this year on defense. Offense got a D1 QB but his top two Wr's got expelled. Maybe they can claim that KOC win like Columbia does
  13. I have Plant a small favorite at the moment but Plant isn't rolling through them. Don't count your chickens too early.
  14. I will bring this back up when you lose round 2
  15. Plant wins 29-27 really good game
  16. Good Plant 29-27 1:47 to go
  17. 37 yds fg attempt coming up
  18. Plant in fg range 2 min to go
  19. Plant QB sacked and fumbles in endzone recovered by Armwood. Armwood 27-26 5 minutes to go
  20. 26-21 Plant 6 minutes to go
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