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  1. I know it's early and you might say things will work out but the ranking is is a joke and has been for however long they have been using it. It's better to win close vs a bad team than a close loss to a great team.
  2. my understanding is the starting ranking is gone by the end of the season. All computers have to have a starting point and as the season goes along that starting point means less. If Laz was here he could explain better. I would have been ok using Pinkos ratings. I feel out of all computer rankings his were the best. Sadly there is no perfect or fair system.
  3. Fhsaa gets 15% of the gross Home team gets 55% of net profit Visiting team gets 45% of net profit
  4. I agree with this but the way they come up with the seeding sucks and they won't even tell you how they came up with it. Shady as F@@@.
  5. Treasure Coast probably won't make the playoffs if they lose to Vero. Dumb decision to make the schedule that tough.
  6. I agree. It's some shady shit.
  7. Almost put a running clock on them in the first half. Cain was special. We put in our 2's second half and he embarrassed a few of them. Luckily he didn't do that to our 1's. They couldn't block us to give him a chance.
  8. I'm not sure what to take of this new Jambun82. I hope his officiating on Friday is better than his sarcasm. Stay safe from the Beast, don't let him scare you.
  9. you most likely need some glasses. I've seen some of the officiating in Volusia county
  10. The team that wins the top class is the state champ. We would finally have a true state champion. Everyone else would be champions of their class.
  11. If it makes you feel better you don't have to give them trophies. With that said I don't see the problem with them getting a trophy. You get a trophy for winning a two or three team crappy district. At least they will beat lots of other schools to earn it. The Metro/Suburban does not level the playing field it actually increases the gap from top to bottom in each class. It does give a few more teams a chance to compete for a title but it does not level the playing field. Here's what I would like to see. It will never happen but it's the only way to level the playing field. 1A bottom 112 teams 6-8 teams per district. 16 districts 2A next 112 teams 3A next 112 teams 4A Around 80 schools 4-6 teams per district. 16 districts 5A Around 80 schools 4-6 teams per district. 16 districts 6A top 32 programs no district go schedule who you want. All make the playoffs.
  12. Promotion and Relegation system is needed. Dividing the cheaters into Metro and Suburban doesn't work.
  13. Authorized for good cause in district, private or charter school board policy. Here is the key. If a kid makes a full and complete move the county will give him good cause. Dr D said the kid was at a private school so he probably didn't move trying to move back to the public school.
  14. He will have to sit out 6 days after enrolling in his new school and he will be able to play if the family made a full and complete move.
  15. Not many people can say they have beat a Bill Castle coached team 5 times. I can. Those were some great games between Osceola and Lakeland from 2006-2014. Castle is the GOAT of high school football. I have no bone in this battle anymore. Good luck to both teams it should be a good one.
  16. The entitlement of kids(probably the adults) today is amazing. Maybe the cheer and band raised money to spend the night. Did football raise money or do you just expect it to be given to you. Oh no we got to drive 4 hours play a game and then drive back home. I hope Jones beats that ass.
  17. I took this as they are mad they aren't spending the night not that they won't have a bus.
  18. This was not a kick off classic. It was a referee scrimmage. Kick off classics can't start until August 17
  19. You also forgot Dillard gets no respect
  20. No helmets or players were injured. Good ole WWE wrasslin
  21. My junior year we got into a fight with Ernest Ward in football. Now a days everyone would be suspended for 6 games. No one was ejected lol. The game had a few minutes left and they just ended the game.
  22. I played baseball vs Pensacola Christian and football vs Apalachicola. Also left off Century from the panhandle. 3 stories from my life vs these three teams. Football - we were getting on the bus to go play Apalachicola who believe it or not was ranked #1 in the state and we were 1-5 at the time. The Principal came on the bus and said I just want you guys to have fun and not get embarrassed. Well we went to Apalachicola and upset them. The coach at Apalachicola at the time was Coach Shaw Maddux. I would later in life coach with him at Osceola. Baseball - we were playing Panama City Christian. They had no fence and the school was in deep left field. I hit a ball probably the farthest I've ever hit one. I admired it forgetting they had no fence. It one hopped the school. I got thrown out at third. The coach was not happy with me. I have one about Century as well. My dad was the head coach in football in the early to mid 1980's and Century was a big rival. After a close heated game that Century lost some guys out of the stands came onto the field and started a huge brawl between the teams. Fans got involved and It got real ugly. One of the worst brawls I've ever seen. Now I was young at the time but there were lots of people left bloody after it. Also lost my last high school baseball game at Century. I think it was Buck Showalter (former MLB player and manager) field maybe not but he went to Century.
  23. Easy solution - Pay us our hourly rate for the time we work.
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