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  1. Emmitt Smith Escambia Clinton Portis Gainesville Neal Anderson Graceville Derrick Henry Yulee John L Williams Palatka
  2. yup. It's a lose lose situation. Some people would push for the kids that kneel to be suspended or punished. As a head Coach I'm going to have conversations with my players. If you choose to kneel then you are going to do more than just that. You are going to donate money to a charity or do community service hours toward that cause. We are not kneeling just because everyone else is kneeling and it's the cool thing to do. If you feel that strong about it lets do something about it and make a difference. I'll kneel with you and be right by your side on the weekend trying to bring about change.
  3. Coaches will get fired if they punish kids for kneeling.
  4. It is sad. All I see people doing is deflecting. Instead of trying to fix the problem that exists they deflect to something else. It's never ending.
  5. my image of the thing didn't show. Oh well. Saturday June 6th 9:00 at Lake Eola if any coaches want to go.
  6. well you don't have Bubba Brown as a RB
  7. " A coach will impact more people in a year than the average person will in a lifetime" Billy Graham Dear Coaches, Please join us to show our community their coaches are in a united front. Sports have often been a medicine for healing in our country. Coaches are some of the most influential and respected people in the lives of their athletes and communities. Come join us for a walk around Lake Eola Park and show everyone what it means to be, "One Family, One Heartbeat." This is not an event to share political agendas. The objective is to demonstrate the power of a unified front of love and respect. Without those two elements, it is impossible to start having difficult conversations. Let's allow this event to be the stepping stone for further progress and support. Please respect our objectives. We encourage you to bring signs, but request you keep it to only two phrases: "Coaches for Community" and " One Family, One Heartbeat." Furthermore, we will be practicing social distancing protocol. Wearing a mask will be your individual decision. Be the inspiration you were meant to be. 4th and 1....you can punt or go for it. Let's go for it. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Also, I would appreciate it if you send me a reply if you are going to attend. Lastly, feel free to share this with other coaches, clergy and school administrators.
  8. Guys Covid went away. It no longer exists. We have moved on to Police brutality. Unfortunately we didn't focus our attentions on that and have moved on to rioting and looting. Next week it will be something else to divide us.
  9. not sure how #29 got in the picture. He must have been a WR in a 3 point stance
  10. you can use a football in the summer. They have gotten rid of that rule
  11. Amp Lee Chipley FSU drafted by SF won a title with the Rams Caught Joe Montana's final TD for SF
  12. It is up to each individual county. Osceola county will start June 15th. I know of some starting June 8th. https://www.positivelyosceola.com/osceola-county-athletes-can-return-to-campus-for-voluntary-workouts-june-15-more-details-coming-next-week/
  13. He wanted me to post it but I've been busy. I think this just happened to Columbiafan
  14. He wanted me to post it but I've been busy
  15. lol Trivia won't bring him back. Lake City losing to Lee again will
  16. The school will probably be fined and might be penalized, loss of kick off classic or worst case possibly not eligible for the playoffs, but the kids will not be. If the school gets the hammer the kids will just all leave to the next school.
  17. damn that's a lot of wins with no success in the playoffs. Even I have more playoff wins than that lol Jim Kroll Miami Palmetto and Miami Beach
  18. I couldn't respond last night because I forgot my password and can now only log in on this computer lol. That is Brad Culpepper. Went to Leon high school. Played college at Florida. He was on Survivor and a lawyer in Tampa. The guy weighs like 170 lbs now.
  19. good stuff perspective. Not sure how Lakeland went 0-5 though. I'm sure Castle would have paid some sorry Miami teams to travel North to get whooped.
  20. the players were doing what they were told. They won't and shouldn't be punished. The hammer should come down on any adult that participated or any admin that knew and didn't stop it
  21. If they don't play football this year there is a good chance you will never see it again. I see why you want it
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